News Space 220 Restaurant dining experience at Epcot's Future World


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If WoL isnt being used for this restaurant could it be Innoventions East? And if not any mention on the future Innoventions as a whole?


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This will be really cool! I'm very excited for this addition. It also gives more depth to Mission: Space as space pavilion. After all, I believe we are losing Electric Umbrella. Future World will need another restaurant. I just wonder if it is strictly table service or if it will be a fast casual experience.


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@marni1971 I really enjoy your hints and it's fun to see how things played out. Thank you for keeping us in the loop!. I'm really curious about the comments you made about Epcot before D23. You said something like "something great, some ok things, and some really concerning things".

I think this restaurant falls under the "something great" category. With the announcements that were made can you share what things you thought were most concerning?
I guess this is somewhat off topic but did anyone else see that piece of concept art for future world? Looked to me like there were a few new buildings and the innovention buildings were gone. It's somewhat reminds me of Tomorrowland in Shanghai. I would think that new shops, restaurants, and experiences would be in this area as well. I just can't find any thread discussing this so I thought this would be the most appropriate.


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My concern. Gotg and a hulked up MS makes me think that there is a transformation to a larger space based area. TT already has overplayed with more modern/futuristic. So where does this leave SSE? I have a weird feeling that we are going to see SSE change from a history of communication to a non specific IP based thrill ride of some form or fashion.


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I'm so thrilled about this! It's about time they got an outer space reastaurant at Epcot! I wonder what kind of food they will serve


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