Trip Report Soon it will just be two of us - A very unique Max Trip Report


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Thank you for another good report, I enjoyed following along.
I also had to cram Disneyland into two days ( actually two partial days) and you’re right that it’s pretty hard to do!! But still two days at Disney is always better than no days at Disney 😊
And your are correct about 2 days at Disney
Simliar to the idea of a rainy day on the golf course is always better than a day at work

So ☹ your TR is over. It was another good one as always 😀
Thanks @Swissmiss - your funny posts along the way are always appreciated!

And YES!
Thanks for following and always having my back brah!

Thank you, Max, for sharing a pleasant TR. :joyfull:
Wish it wasn't over yet!!! :(
Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family. :)
And thank you for always being here and supporting me!

Thanks for a fun TR. I enjoyed following along! I have a short stay in DLR planned for later this year, can’t wait!
A visit to Walt's park, no matter how long, is always amazing - enjoy

Great TR Max!! Thanks for sharing!!:)
And as we all know - sharing is caring!

I'm glad I could help you out! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!
Thanks again Amy - looking forward to reading your about your triumph return to WDW (did they greet you at the gate with a bouquet of flowers!!)

❤ Your trip report. It’s funny I envy your trip sans kids since we are in the thick of it. I loved following along. It kept my own trip so fresh and I was able to see some of the things I missed with the hustle to get the kids to their next must do ride.
Thank you for following - I love following along as you recall your family adventures for us
This time is precious - soon they may not want to go (mine still do and I feel blessed)

Great TR! So glad you and your bride were able to have some time together after your busy summer.
Haven’t been able to get to DL myself yet so always glad to get to explore it thru others.
Thanks for following and participating along the way
You owe it to yourself to make the trip to Cali to see Walt's park at least once!!

I have heard it said that people come into your life for a reason
Your support of me is unlimited
I am your scarecrow - you are my Dorothy!
(Or perhaps I am Elphaba and your are my Glinda?)

Thank you for sharing your trip with us! I am determined to get us to California in the near future so I can experience DLR myself instead of having to live vicariously through everyone else's trips! Hoping all is well with you guys and with the newlyweds!!
Thanks for following
There is a Universal Studios near DLR so the "kids" could get their Disney and Universal fix in the same trip...….
Newly weds are doing good - all six of us were together at Christmas in Montreal, Quebec

What do I think of your report???

Great job. Loved it❤
How did you get all those strangers to take pictures with you???
Did you turn on the Max charm??😉
Thanks @Darstarr for being a faithful follower
The Max Charm School is not a pro bono service - classed start back up in the fall!!

Thanks for another TR :). “Just the two of us” sounds a lot cheaper=more Disney trips!
I appreciate you sticking around till the end!
Trips will be less expensive but the trade off is not all being together!

I’ve loved following along!
And I love that you loved following - appreciate the time investment!

Thank you for sharing your family and your thoughts with us! Great read :)
Your welcome - the wedding day was amazing - we just received the photo album and truly everyone looks so happy
Not just in the staged pictures but the candid shots showed how the day went
Hopefully this TR about DLR (along with others on the board) propels everyone to consider a trip to the left coast
For most (me included) it is a little more costly but I hope the fellow Magicians do it !

Thanks for letting me tag along! Fun as always!
All aboard!! It may not be a MPB (moving park bench - see @Tuvalu and @Woodywrkr for more details) but it hopefully was a fun ride for all!

Great report as always Max! Also want to say once again congratulations. The pictures were wonderful and glad you and Tricia got a getaway from all the planning and craziness a wedding can be.
Just last night at dinner Tricia was questioning whether it was a great idea to go to DLR (based on the financial situation following the wedding) - I stuck to my guns that we had earned it!!

Great trip report, Max! Thanks for sharing!
And thank you for following
I usually judge my TR based on how many people liked the first post and the wrap up post
54 down to 27
Not bad - the first might have been higher because of Stephanie!!

Thanks to all
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