Trip Report Soon it will just be two of us - A very unique Max Trip Report


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Hello to all of my WDWMagic friends

For those that did not notice I am back now from an extended absence from the boards even though @Tuvalu did her best to keep me engaged
The reason for the disappearing act was a very special (and time consuming) event
So we start this report with a wonderful trip down the aisle...

Stephanie and Jordan got married!!!

The venue was a (very) local golf course (5 min drive from our house)
Both the ceremony and reception were in the same room


Pictures at the house - Cassie was the maid of honour


The grooms people were (left to right) a combination of Jordan's brother Evan, his best man is his best friend from high school( also named Jordan!) , his two close friends from University (Maria and Roshni) and Cassie's BF Shane


This one was just before the walk down the aisle - I held it together - no blubbering at all!


When you spend a small fortune on a wedding you get a front row seat!!!


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a few more pictures of the wedding day

Cutting the UP! cake


A wedding party group shot - it was cool (12 C / 55 F) and windy but at least it was dry


This was the arts and crafts project that Cassie and I did - it was on the gift table


Each centre piece was a lantern with a candle and a special Disney friend ( the friends came home with us - the lanterns were given away)


First dance


All and all a near perfect day
We danced the night away

Oh - and next week Tricia and I are going to Disneyland



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The bride was beautiful! And I love the dresses (nice fall rose color in particular), on the bridesmaids, with the cream shawls. The group photos were attractive with the dark suits contrasting with the dresses, against the rustic wood wall behind them. Very nice, Max!

Oh, you looked awesome, too! :)
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