Trip Report Some people are worth melting for - A Max Trip Report

To all that come to this happy place, Welcome!

Some people (and places) are worth melting for - Florida in late May /early June to visit Disney World is one of those places
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Yes - it is time to head south again - this time it is just Tricia and I. We need time to de-stress from a very busy few months because...

Cassie and Shane got married!!! On May 4th!!! - May the Force be with you!!

Before walking down the aisle

The happy couple (and proud papa)

The MOB and FOB

Tricia's brother's (Tom and George)

The OG Maxwell Disney crew

trying to look cool (not working)

My sister Cathy and my niece Tori and George

MC Drew - my opening speech explaining the safety rules was based on Soarin

First dance

The happy couple again

We did a similar getaway in November 2019 after my older daughter Stephanie's wedding

(Yes - both daughters are married and moved out - the nest is empty!!)

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Trip Details:

Monday May 29 - Sunday June 4
Yacht Club
Flying from Toronto Canada
4 days at the parks - not visiting on the travel days or on Thursday June 1)
Plan is to do my first round of golf (only 9 holes) on June 1
Goal is to ride Tron at least once and try to do GOG again - but otherwise rides are not the priority

More to come - thanks for following along

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I'm first!

Congratulations Max on your daughter's wedding! I'm sure your Soarin' inspired speech was great. Looking forward to following along!
Thanks Chris - Cassie was very surprised and impressed with the Soarin safety instructions!
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Congrats to the beautiful bride and handsome groom! And Mom and Dad!!
It was a beautiful day with many beautiful people - and I was there too!!

All love to ya Max!
We don't talk about Bruno or the recent collapse of the Blue Jays

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Congratulations to the bride and groom. Love your photos of Niagara Falls and especially the brilliant photo with you and the adorable dog. Looking forward to your report and hope you get plenty of time to relax as well.
Brix is their second Bernese Mountain dog. They use pictures of him (first one was a her) on a sticker on each bottle that says "Brix approved" - so the picture is of Brix 2.0
Waahhooo!!! Let's get this party train moving!
Choo choo!!
Can’t wait to hear all about the trip!
and I cant wait to go!!!
Congrats on the wedding. After all those guests I‘d say you and Tricia have definitely earned a vacation.
Yes - it was great to entertain and show them our little corner of the world but it can be tiring.
You will experience when I come to your place for Christmas.
Wohoo! Congratulations!! I am definitely in for this!
Always nice to have you on the team!!
Looking forward to seeing your trip report! The wedding news is terrific too!
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Congrats on the wedding!
Thank you - it was a great day
I’m here for this!
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I am glad that the great state of Texas is represented so well!
Congratulations to all!! Beautiful pictures!!
Looking forward to hearing more about your trip!!
my selfie skills are improving!!
Congratulations! May your celebrations continue at Disney!
Celebrations / Relaxation/ excessive drinking - yup - that about sums it up!!
Max, those are lovely pictures that you shared from your daughter's wedding. Plus, I'm really looking forward to your upcoming TR -- let the festivities begin!! :joyfull:
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let the games begin!!
Congrats and a toast to the happy family! And the feeling of a single digit countdown.. just lovely!! 🥰🥰
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We made everyone tell a Star Wars joke to get the couple to kiss at the reception

and remember that Luke did not get married because he was looking for love in Alderaan places!!

You do need a vacation!
Congratulations on gaining another son. Sons are awesome!!!

Can’t believe I will miss you again by thismuch🙁
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our time will come!!
Go Dodgers???

Excited Seinfeld GIF

Thanks for coming aboard!!!
The photographer was being a little cheeky as this picture was being taken. She told us to look at our favourite child. This is why the girls have such funny looks on their faces.
and later she told Tricia and I to look at our favourite daughter....

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@amjt660 Big Congrats to you and the newlyweds!!!
Thank you - we had a great day - on a Thursday!!!!
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Congratulations on the wedding!
Thanks - it was 50% joy , 50% stress, 50% chill...

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Congrats on the nuptials, and looking forward to your report. I'm sorry we won't bump into each other, I just got back!
Have a grand time!
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thanks for the kind words

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Congratulations on your daughter's wedding! I bet your Soarin speech was a bit hit! Looking forward to your TR!
Totally surprised her with it - I think we counted only 10 people who actually got the full joke - the rest thought it was just a take off of a normal airplane flight instruction and still thought it was funny

But for the ten that did understand - especially for Cassie - it was worth it!!!!

Thanks for following



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Landed early in Atlanta around 8:20 and had our first magical meet of the trip!

Met @lostpro9het and @imahistorygeek at a pub at the airport

They had just landed from their Orlando flight

Sean and I set this up and it was great !! Got to know each other better - talked about almost everything

We are all big fans of Disneyland in Cali-
Maybe another meetup in the future ??

I was too quick for Sean and picked up the bill

You buy next time buddy !!!



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Our flight to Orlando was on time
Rental car pickup was slow
Got to the yacht club around 5:30

We walked up to Tuttoria el forno

And then went back the room to unpack and shower

And then

season 4 rebels GIF by Star Wars

Max and 9000!!! (And Zelda!!)

One drink only this time - I had been up for almost 20 hours and needed sleep

But Zelda did not want me to leave !!

It was great to finally meet Keith in person

He is everything I expected ( and more!!)

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