SOFT OPENING WATCH - Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster


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So, if the ride operating cast is riding now, it seems to me that a logical progression is opening the ride up to more CM riding this week, with the media being able to ride during the media days (May 1-2, right?). Then soft openings following that and official opening sometime in May.

Barring new ride system issues.. it probably all boils down to how far along the training is at what point. In the past Disney has recruited CMs to take part in testing when they don't want to let details get out yet... or if that's less of an they've just taken in guests. Given the media day is so close... I'll SPECULATE that they'll keep the media buzz to themselves and only test with CMs over the coming 3 days.

Seeing 'random' CMs riding certainly is a good sign that they should be at a point of 'safe' operation and its all about the other stuff.. like operational efficiency, show effects, non-critical stuff, etc.

Remember BTMRR at DL soft opened without the lift hill effects being fully functional (partial). It will be interesting to see if they are behind in other aspects beyond the trains on the mine coaster.


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what a great photo op spot with the castle in the background1

picture from theme park review;


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We left the park near 1am yesterday and there were workers all around. A cleaning crew was all over the queue area.


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Not having seen a video of it, I'm expecting that the "swinging" action is going to be quite a bit less than most folks are thinking. It'll be slight. It won't swing all over the place. The effects will likely only be noticeable coming out of turns. The little S curve in the track will be the place where it's likely the biggest.


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What a great photo! This makes me so excited to ride! But...are the cars swinging? I can't tell by this photo.
listen, you will feel the lateral forces while swinging, and as little as (IMHO anyway)5 degrees ought to let you feel your stomach turn, and no in the scheme of things 5 degrees is hardly noticable to the naked eye... but you can feel it. kinda like the teacups... a little twist(swing) goes a long way)

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