Trip Report So, This Just Happened! A Very Late and Unexpected Turn (In More Ways Than One).

Just arrived at Disney Springs. More details to follow.


Updates after lunch.


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Just a bit of background on how we ended up in Disney. Brayden just finished his first year at Arizona State and did very well; however, he's not sure he wants to return to Tempe. His senior class lost so much, college visits included. So the plan was for Crystal and I to leave last Sunday and drive from PA to Savannah for a night, then meet Brayden in Jacksonville (he did not want to take a road trip with his parents) and drive to Tallahassee to see Florida State, After talking with a co-worker, he said leave early and visit Savannah for two days. So we left last Saturday and that's what we did. The plan was to then drive to Mobile and circle back to Tuscaloosa and visit Alabama. Brayden would fly home from BIrmingham, and Crystal and I would stop in Tennessee before heading home.

Prior to this change, Crystal had suggested Disney for a day. The last thing I wanted to do was drive back from Birmingham. Then Brayden said it was either ASU or FSU. So, I made a quick change and moved his flight to Mobile and figured we'd make the drive from FSU to Mobile and drive home from there.

That's when Disney got real. One day at Epcot became a day at MK and Epcot. Soon there was potential for a tropical storm in the gulf, and Brayden had his flight changed from Mobile and moved up a day out or Orlando. One day at Epcot became a day at MK and Epcot. Now what was once a joke was real, and Disney became two park days and three days at Coronado. No plans until days before and it all worked out as if we spent months on this trip. In actuality, we booked it just days before we left.

Now to make it even more interesting, we have no plans for tomorrow. We still may backtrack to Mobile, then visit Mississippi (we've never been to either state), then still make our way to Tennessee. I hope Mobile has fun on the Fourth of July.

Thanks for those who followed along.


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I’ve never been to Mobile for the 4th, but I’m 90% sure they’ll have something down near the battleship (USS Alabama).
If you stay at the Battle House hotel (or somewhere nearby) you might be able to see the fireworks from their rooftop pool/ bar and avoid the traffic and crowds. (But I’d call the front desk to confirm view before taking my word for it!)
It’s a great city - enjoy!
(PS- even if you decide to just drive on toward home - one of my family’s favorite 4th of July memories is driving home from the Badlands/ Mt Rushmore many years ago, across South Dakota - watching all these random, small town firework shows pop up on the horizon - it was memorable and special in a totally ‘different’ kind of way)


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This report was a fun surprise! Great reporting as always! I love that you brought the kids along! Safe travels on the rest of your journey!

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