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News Sleeping Beauty's Castle to be refurbished


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I don't know what material they were made of previously. But I do remember the many photo articles MC wrote about the dent in one of them. So obviously they weren't made of wood.

Anyways like I said a couple weeks in the sun in my opinion will likely change the look to be more in-line with how it looked previously.
I do recall that post 2005 refurb when the roofs were redone for the 50th, they looked very much like plastic too. Way more prominent than this.


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I actually am pretty into it...
I am as well. The color scheme looks like it will be pretty cool, especially when it fades a bit.
I don’t like the plastic look though. It’s defintley a different material than what was there previously. Were the turret shingles made of wood before?
You might be on to something. It looks like they might have used a different material, maybe so that they won't get damaged again. They do remind me of something, I just can't figure out what....


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I really loved the more pastel colors.. but reserving judgement untill they’re finished. Anyone know the targeted finish date for the castle? I’ll be there 1st of May and would hate to miss the new look by a few weeks..


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I’m wondering how it could possibly take longer than another two weeks to finish the castle exterior, considering:

  • based on photos from early february, the stone base was already painted with its new base coat.
  • based on photos of the front AND back of the castle from last week, the top pink part of the castle also already has its new paint job.
  • based on photos from last week as well, the new turret roofs have already been installed on the top tiers, and for the crane to access the lower ones, the scaffolding is going to have to be removed. Once the start working their way down with the scaffolding, that’s basically it right?
... also, gonna be there the first weekend of April, so hoping...
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