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Shedding a tear


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I must admit that I had to Google this reference, and at first I thought that it was some kind of political joke. I learned that it probably has to do with sports. Alas, I am not a fan of the Patriots. By the time that I developed a late interest in football, I was already living in South Florida.
Then perhaps it was 10/16/2003, as I know I cried that evening.


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American Adventure
listening to Voices of Liberty
when they sing/perform "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" in FotLK

I'm sure there are more...


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The American Adventure for me, when "Golden Dreams" to play and they show the photo montage. I cry every time. I walk out trying to wipe my eyes without it being obvious that I cried.

I also tear up at the MK Welcome Show. But I don't have time to shed a tear because once that countdown is down, we are on our way through those tunnels to Main St. and then on to Fantasyland.


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Wishes and/or exiting MK.

Silly, but the entrance hall music of space as my 8 yr old ran right through with wild excitement. Reminded me of space at that age...
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The last time I saw SpectroMagic because I knew it was the last time I'd see it. There was something about the horns blowing at the beginning that brought out my minipack of tissues.:bawling:


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Funny. I was thinking about starting a thread like this.

For me, I'm not gonna lie. I almost lost it completely during Part of Your World when I saw Voyage of the Little Mermaid for the first time last March. I guess it's two reasons behind it:

1. Part of Your World is one of my favorite Disney songs of all time. Even though I'm a male, I can relate to it about having a surreal dream that no one understands and being met by cynics and doubters. In fact, it's a song I'm pretty sure a lot of us can relate to in a way. It's about imagining the good aspects of our dreams and what we want but also asking if and when will the moment come for us.

2. It's one thing to watch the animated clip from the movie or listen to the song on my mp3 player countless times. But it's another to actually hear Ariel in person singing it right in front of you. It's just a whole surreal experience. (On a side note, I'd probably be on the verge of tears if I heard Jodi Benson singing it live right in front of my own two eyes.)


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In the Parks
Sometimes I tear up at Philharmagic and One Man's Dream.
I usually tear up at the end of Fantasmic and Illuminations.
But, Wishes, I cry every. single. time. without fail. It always gets me.:cry:


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I cry frequently, usually when sitting quietly at a show and I look at my grandsons who are so enthralled, and see how my love for the Magic is being passed on. Then I think about how darn lucky I am to be in WDW, with my children and grandchildren and thank the Lord for my blessings, and shed a tear or two.


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Last year I was standing in line at Ariel's Grotto with my daughter during their dress rehearsal at the new fantasyland and I started to feel the tears come up. Long story that nobody wants to hear, but myself and her mom aren't together anymore and between the fact that I was taking her to WDW for her birthday (best dad ever award right there) it was our last day at MK, Ariel is her favorite princess, and it was the first rime in over a year that I had an entire week with my baby.....yea, a 30 year old man turned into a mess in line at Disney. ... what ya gonna do right?
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I cry when we start seeing the signs for Disney! :D I cry at most everything mentioned here too. I swear I had to hold back the tears checking in last time too! :p I have a very big suspicion that I will be balling as I watch my daughter come down Main Street in the Thanksgiving day parade. :inlove:


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I'm sure I'll be a mess again in February watching my little girl lead my girlfriend around everywhere since she knows the parks already and it will be my gf's first trip to WDW :)

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