Second closure for Disneyland Paris due to COVID-19


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I think this is part of the general European preoccupation with trying to find a way to stay open over summer amidst both rising vaccinations and sharp rises in infections due to the delta variant. Honestly doesn't seem that unreasonable to me, but then I live in the EU and have the Dutch government ap which gives a QR code that at least theoretically we can use around the EU to show we've had both vaccines, a PCR test, etc. May be more difficult for UK visitors.


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All seems a great idea, in exchange for covid passports you get to keep DLP open/ and potentially go back to having a normal day at DLP quicker (Worth pointing out, you get the pass if you have negative test in the 48 hours before your visit too).

Hopefully this sort of thing will start applying to international travel too and we start moving more freely again and without expensive PCR tests either end if vaccinated.

Though I will say it seems a little harsh on the requirements for CMs so suddenly.

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