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runDisney Virtual Running Events


Have I told you lately that I 👍 you?
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No movement on mine either. For anyone interested in what the box/presentation looks like, I found this on Twitter:


Have I told you lately that I 👍 you?
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Just a reminder! If anyone is Club RunDisney and have not registered for the 2021 virtual, the last day to do so is October 15!

It does not automatically show up in your account, you have to register with the link from the runDisney email from 9/20/2021. A lot of people on the Facebook group are reporting not getting it (including me, it was stuck in my spam email folder), so check those and if you can’t find it, contact runDisney before Friday so you can be sure to get your medal! The link goes to a typical registration page but checkout is $0.00 since it’s a member-only benefit.

I’ve screenshotted what to look out for below if anyone needs it (also a pic of the medal is in there)

Glad I randomly thought about it and did some digging today rather than this weekend when it would be too late to participate! 😁 (but a little upset runDisney posted no other notice than a single email, that got blocked by half the members’ email accounts, to people that pay them many $100’s essentially for this benefit and a jacket, they could have at least put a reminder on Twitter or some info on RunDisney.com!)

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