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runDisney Virtual Running Events

Edward Jackson

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My girlfriend ran her second of the three challenge 5ks on Sunday. The weather is not being kind to her.
The first time it was about 87 degrees, hot & humid. Sunday it was intermittent down pours. She actually
dropped her time by a minute per mile. I was surprised by improvement and impressed with her determination.


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Today marked the end of my journey though the pridelands, finishing the last 5K in the challenge a reimagined classic! Here are the results, not my best 5K but not bad results.

Time: 35:24
Distance: 3.12
Avg Pace: 11:20

After completing it, I inputted my results on the website, as well as clicked the finish button on that email they sent a while back.


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In the Parks
I forgot to post!!!!
So I’ve been in Disney all week! I ran my Lion King Broadway with my buddy on Thursday at Crescent Lake. We finished in 20:52 seconds. Just about a 7min mile. Felt good to compete again on property!!!!


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I have to admit I never "officially" ran these. I have run plenty over the course of June, July and August and plenty 5K-ish training runs but never counted any as this virtual racing series. I just didn't have the ambition to create a race type thing like I did last year with the parks series.


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No movement on my medals yet, but it’s awesome they are being sent out! I did the challenge as well, haven’t seen any pictures out in the wild yet.

EDIT: Of course, now that I said that I saw a picture of the Broadway Phenomenon medal out in the wild.


Have I told you lately that I 👍 you?
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Yes, she did and a letter. The box itself was even pretty cool.
You mind posting a picture or two of what the box/medals look like? I’m curious and my UPS still is only in the “label has been printed” stage like it has been for the last 2-3 weeks 😀

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