RIP Electric Umbrella


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I'll definitely miss it. Not because of the food, but because it was always a nostalgic place to go for the interior design and the fact it was unchanged for 25+ years. Made me feel like I was in EPCOT in the mid 90s and I could still go to Seabase Alpha and ride Horizons and Journey into Imagination, etc.


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Shhhh.... I'm actually surprised the lightly refurbished SmokeHouse at USA pavilion retains their self serve fountains, as of grand opening today. I hope it lasts. But yes, I think with the major gut job EU gets, they will be gone. I think I'll miss the music and creamy honey mustard the most (one of if not the only place on property to get it). Hopefully they fix the fire extinguisher just outside the restrooms in Electric Umbrella. They have the extinguisher cabinet built into the wall that is now empty (for years), with an exterior mounted fire extinguisher directly below this spot. Always though that was funny and yet not at the same time.
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Indeed there was. It was essentially an early version of Art of Disney upstairs. I bought a few animation cels up there during the years it was open.

A bunch of the photos titled Centorium at the below link show the stairs that went up to that upper level shop. There are also some shots of the Astuter Computer Review/Backstage Magic referenced earlier in the thread.

Loved the Centorium signage with the pavilion logos.


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Going to miss it bc it was truly unique, even amongst everything else that is unique in Epcot. Walking into it at night with everything glowing and lit up conjured a neon-induced retro feeling of the late 80s/early 90s.

I typically did not eat there, but I sometimes made an excuse of having to go in to grab a coke or napkins or something just to get a brief visit. My last visit there was in search of hot water to heat a baby bottle for my crying infant daughter. How times have changed and continue to change.

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The second floor was added In 1994 when the restaurant reopened. Stargate didn’t have it.

Ill miss it too, not only since the general design still has quite a few 1982 layout elements.
It looks like we’ll be seeing some old 82 elements in the egg. At least I hope I like the layout of that whole section but that’s just me.


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I've never been in there, and that's sad on my part. We always ate either in the Season pavilion or somewhere in the World Showcase.
I will miss this restaurant for purely nostalgic purposes of going there as a kid.

Objectively speaking, I'm excited to see what some re-imagined food options in Future World, or World Discovery (or whatever it is) will look like.
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