News Return of the Walt Disney World tram fleet tracker


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Yeah, I'm a little lost with that whole thing. If I'm the magic, why is it calling me? Why do I have to answer the call? I am the magic. There's no call to be answered, unless I swallowed my cellphone.
Sorry. Just one of many lame things.
Back to the trams...
You may be the Magic, but if the creditors are calling over your excessive ILL purchases, you had better answer the damn call.


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"The Walt Disney World Resort just confirmed that parking trams will return to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park starting May 27. Courtesy trams have transported Guests to and from the Transportation and Ticket Center at Magic Kingdom Park since late last year, and they will return to our other theme parks throughout 2022."



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Parking trams have returned to TTC since late last year? News to me…or coincidence they weren’t running in March when we were there.

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