Rent a Deluxe Disney Vacation Club Villa without being a DVC member


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has anyone used DVC rental store? and how does this compare to Daves or renting from members themselves? I do know that the DVC rental store offers Cancel for any reason insurance,,,
I haven’t used DVC rental store. I don’t think they charge a deposit for checking availability either, as well as having their own insurance policy.

David’s pays owners more than rental store, so more owners are likely to register with them to rent points out and therefore they have points available. But for a renter, what matters is who has the “right” owner, ie: ones with the points at the required home resort. And rental store won’t work with international owners, not sure about renters.

Renting from a broker provides some extra protection for renters, they take on all the checks etc. If you rent privately you must check them out, check they are legit, and make sure you have a contract (that’s actually required in the deeds).

I would head to the broker sites and make sure you read all the info. Renting points is different from booking direct with Disney. No cancellations, no date changes. No daily housekeeping.


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do you rent just AK or other resorts ? We haven't decided resort for Feb 2021, its between AK and poly.
I'll rent points if SSR is 11 months out and 7 for all others.


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I'm a DVC member, we decided to pass on Disney this year due to all the construction. We had 114 points BLT that were going to expire in Dec. We listed them with Davids and within 24hrs we had a booking request for Oct. Overall my experience was extremely easy and I couldn't recommend Davids enough. I wouldn't hesitate to list or rent points from them.


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I recently used David’s to rent points for two villas at AKL for October 2020. This is a trip of a lifetime for our extended family so acquiring this resort, specific villa type and set dates was going to prove a real challenge for sure. We had different reservations start dates, same end dates and one long stay of 14 nights and one of 9 nights. Davids was so helpful to me in answering a million questions I had during the process. I was waitlisted and got progressively more anxious as time went on. I eventually took their advice and separated the two reservations so that one was not dependent on the other. That was scary to me as we definitely did not want to be going if one reservation didn’t pull through. Despite feeling nervous about it it was exactly what I needed to do and within a few days I had secured both reservations. As of this moment I have another request into David’s as now the 9 night reservation is able to travel with the rest of us so we are trying to secure the first five nights for them. I have every confidence this will come through and feel very comfortable working with David’s. I would highly recommend them to anyone as they are very professional and a pleasure to deal with.
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