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HI! My wife and I are going to be renwing our vows in WDW in a few weeks. I want to make a toast to thank our guests for coming and to talk about the past 10 yrs with my wife. I HAVE NO CLUE WHERE TO START! Mickey will be there for the toast so it has to be special. I would like to somehow incorporate a quote from Walt Disney about family or love. Or take about the special meaning of the number 10 in relation to Disney. I don't know. Please help!!!!!



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The closest I could come up with was
Think beyond your lifetime, if you want to do something truly great. Make a fifty-year master plan. A fifty-year master plan will change how you look at the opportunities in the present.

Perhaps you could tie this in. You know like: "We haven't quite hit the 50 year mark, but it's definitely in the plans." :shrug:


No exact quotes, but I know that Disney are very big on family and friends. The only thing coming to my mind at the moment is at the end of Wishes, Jiminy says "From our family and friends to yours, may all your wishes come true."

I'm hoping to renew our vows at Disney for our 10th wedding anniversary (we're on no. 3 in March!) and I already know I want it to be themed around making a wish and having that wish come true, because all mine did the day I married my DH.


I have never used this before but know someone who did. Yea I know its not as special getting it from someone esle but maybe this can help get those creative juices flowing and you can pick peices from different sources and then add in you own parts to make it special....Good lUck and congrats!


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I know I'm probably a day late and a dollar short on this one but my mind goes back to the quote at the end of Meet the Robinsons:

"Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward opening up new doors and doing new things... And curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

Ten years is a long journey yet it's only the beginning in terms of a lifetime or an eternity. I'm coming up on #15. I can honestly say that as the years go by the love and adoration only grows. Just when you think it's not possible to love someone any more than you already do your heart grows a little more and it just keeps going.

Happy Anniversary. I hope to do a vow renewal at WDW someday, too. :kiss:


Congratulations, can I ask how you arranged this? We are going with our twin girls and my parents next summer for our 10yr wedding anniversary and would love to do something like this.:wave:


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Thanks everyone for the help! The ceremony was beautiful. We went the week that Faye hit FL. Monday there was no rain at all and then it rained everyday we were there but luckily the ceremony was on Monday! YEAH!
To arrange the vow renewal I simply called Disney's Fairy Take Weddings # (You can find it on their website) about a year in advance. The starting price for about 20 guests (that includes the bride and groom) is about $4000-5000. We also added on to our package. We had an EPCOT photo shoot the morning of the ceremony. It was cool - they took us backstage and drove us out onto World Showcase. There was no one there yet excpet for the Segway tour people who paid more attention to us then what they were suppose to be doing. We also had Mickey come to the mini reception after the ceremony. He was a big hit and kept the guest occupied. You hav several places to pick from for the ceremony location. We picked the Wedding gazebo at the Yacht Club. There is also a place at the Boardwalk ( not as pretty), the Wedding Chapel (more money), etc. They have the locations on their website. You work with the person at the Wedding place and everything was done over the phone and via e-mail. I never saw the person I worked with face to face because she was having a baby and someone else took over for her on the day of the ceremony. But we had about 5 people taking care of us and our guests on the day of the ceremony. It was great!

If you have any other quests feel free to ask!

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