News Remy's Ratatouille Adventure coming to Epcot


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Sorry I know this has been asked many times already, but what's the best guesstimate of when this will open? June/July or before possibly? I'm deciding between the Florida resident Silver or Gold annual pass and Silver is blacked out June/July but if it's opening before that then I'll get it and save more money haha!

I know no one knows for sure right now I just wanna know the best guesstimate we got right now!


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New ones will be installed next year.
So clickbait sites are wrong that they're gone for good? It wasn't to free up more space to walk? Didn't they just move them from the courtyard to the walkway to Rat? lol. But they did cement in the places for the trees, not that it can't be undone, of course.


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Trees have been removed that run beside the fountain leading to Impressions...

I know it is a small loss but as a landscaping nerd, I am extremely disappointed with this decision if there are no replacements on the way.
They do that sort of stuff all the time. Sometimes the trees just grow too big for the location so they remove them for reuse somewhere else and then new ones return with appropriate scale. And those had indeed grown a little too large for the location.
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