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News Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue replacing Liberty Inn


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I've gotten sick every time I've eaten at the current place. Glad to see some changes, though my dietary inconsistencies are not related to the theme of the restaurant.


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Great! Our favorite spot to cool down on a hot day is going to be good for something other than just cooling down. I like it!

And I hope they offer some great craft beers there.


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In the Parks
I wonder if it will be open for Food and Wine? I can’t imagine they’ll drag this refurb out considering the expected Star Wars crowds.


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Liberty Inn was a fantastic oasis after walking to the back of the park.
RIP Liberty Inn.

The Barbecue concept could be an upgrade. The smokehouse atmosphere will defiantly hamper that cool AC that Liberty Inn used to provide. That makes it a bit more oppressive.

Real talk here. What kind of barbecue? Because Memphis, Carolina and St Louis are all crap compared to Kansas City barbecue.


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The change in food and drink sounds good but it sounds like they are going to overhaul it into some modern concept which will be totally out of the theme of the pavillion. I guess that isn't so important now so we will end up with a cross between Flame BBQ and Baseline Taphouse, maybe they can throw in an animatronic Abe saying how much he loves those sweet smokey hickary freedom ribs available in a combo for $25 and that this is exactly what the founders dreamed of.


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I will say that I did have a couple good meals at the Liberty Inn - a few years back they served NY strip steak with broccoli and French fries at dinner. The broccoli was so good that I would ask for 2 servings of it instead of the French fries (which always threw them off). I look forward to the BBQ options, but I wonder then for the festivals if they'll no longer have the BBQ food booths then outside or go with another type of food.

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