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News Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue replacing Liberty Inn


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from Disney today

Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue will take the place of Liberty Inn, which will close July 8 to make way for this mouth-watering experience in World Showcase.

The new location will be a modern barbecue smokehouse, with all the accompanying sights, sounds, smells and flavors you love – including a large smoker preparing fine food every day right on the pavilion’s promenade. There will also be a redesigned patio for you to enjoy, so get ready to grab a brew, some barbecue, and relax inside Epcot.

I don't dislike this idea.


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This is good. Liberty Inn was the most bland representation of American food possible. Nothing special about it. Barbecue, though, actually feels like an American dining concept. And the food ought to be better as well. Good decision.

Of course, there's gotta be an alcohol component, since it's Epcot, but again, craft brews go with barbecue, so no complaint there either.
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I have actually never set foot in the Liberty Inn.
I agree, I have always forgotten it was even there, and my family figures we can have american food anytime so why do it at Epcot. That said, I hope they offer some American seafood staples too. I think of New Orleans as having some of the most distinct American food around, so to see some quality BBQ shrimp, po boys and some oysters on the shell would be amazing.


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Wow!! What a truly amazing idea! I'm so glad its going to be craft beer too and not the typical domestic trash, though I'm sure they'll have that for the basics. Really looking forward to hearing more about this place!
There is nothing more American than domestic trash beer you know. Not many people sit outside tending their Brisket on the smoker drinking a Jai Alai IPA.


I think this is a wonderful change. American food doesn't always have to be hot dogs and coca cola. Craft beers with BBQ always have a large draw during Food and Wine Festival. I am curious to see if they bring out any of those dishes from the festival?


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I like this idea.

The Liberty Inn does hold an object my dad hid in 2006 on a family trip. We check for it every single year. The object is still there, as of June 2019.

It was 35 cents...in case cells weren’t working and we needed to make a call for help. How funny. But it’s still there, and I don’t think it will survive the refurb :)

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