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News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious


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Thank you!!!! I guess I was thinking Reflections of..... Larth🤪
Oh ya, I get it. Everyone's nearly forgotten about the show. Even when it was running it was pretty forgettable. The soundtrack was still incredible though...
HEA was not universally loved, it was a glorified clip show
Maybe universally was the wrong word but aside from a vocal minority, it was very well accepted. And as we look at Enchantment, it really shows what a good vs bad clip show looks like.

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HEA was not universally loved, it was a glorified clip show
Vastly more loved than what is currently being presented.

Happily Ever After was filled with original animation, a well-written narrative, and a storyline that made sense. The castle become the personification of Disney stories while telling their stories (both hero and villain).

Enchantment is quite literally pastel patterned projections with literal movie clips contained to a circle with blurred edges that you can put together in iMovie. It is the definition of a clip show and it’s not cute.

And don’t get me started on the song.

Back to the discussion on Harmonious…

Disney is promoting a lackluster show to promote lackluster Disney+ subscriber growth. Two birds. One stone. Yadadada.


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The livestreams I watched, and I was there in person a few weeks ago, is that half the crowd that used to be there for Illuminations is showing up for Harmonious.
I just need to chime in and give my opinion. We have been annual passholders for about a year now. We stayed and watched the show around October and it was packed. People lined up quite a way back from the railings to enjoy it. Stayed again 2 weeks ago and right up until the show started there were spots available to see. Only the end locations had a lot of people.


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Am I wrong or is this the first Live event on Disney+ ? That is something I didn't expect from the platform and it gives me hope that more live events will happen eventually.. If Disney was smart they would put a bunch of vloggers out of jobs and just do their own strolls in the parks all day.


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But honestly, this is the best that they could come up with?

I mean this PR resuscitation effort for Harmonious! is so half-baked they couldn't even convince their own executives to run it on Disney owned ABC?


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Kenan Thompson Reaction GIF by NBC

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