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News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious


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Did any of these people see Reflections of Earth? They act like they are the first ones to come up with a theme park show with big/ambitious themes.


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Hate to be negative but honestly it looks like a ugly version of RoL with HEA mixed in. Hopefully there will be some wow moments that Disney isn’t showing off yet, but I’m having my doubts.

The music they were playing in the video doesn’t sound bad, a bit slow though.

Edward Jackson

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Eeehh...it sucks.

Like I said a the right angle it isn't too bad, but I agree it sucks in comparison to what is was.


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I don’t know if Disney plans on reinstating the FPs viewing area in WSP when Harmonious opens or if that area will become a dessert party location, but regardless that area is going to be extremely difficult to obtain given it will be most likely the only good viewing location to fully see the center barge.


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Honestly it looks like it has just way too much going on, which ruins it.

Bigger is not better, and this show seems like it just embraces throwing more "stuff" at the audience.
At first glance, maybe. We don't know what we were just shown (a test? a finale?). One thing I DO trust these folks for is their understanding of pacing. We should be in good hands in terms of the use of spectacle.


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At least it seems that the character stuff won't be the only focus of the show, but I don't know if I saw something that would warrant the show components staying out on the lake all the time. But I freely admit there's probably nothing that would justify that decision for me.
@marni1971 did say they are keeping the character bits pretty buried for now.

Inspired Figment

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The technology is fantastic.. but unfortunately, impressive technology isn’t enough to carry the entire show. The biggest problem I have with this is the fact the focus is on the ‘characters & songs’ rather than the actual ‘cultures/countries’, just as I’ve argued with the rest of the film IP integrated attractions so far, they should’ve been using the characters as a way to ‘compliment’ the country/culture rather than be the ‘sole focus & representation’, they possibly could’ve rewritten the songs specifically to fit the show & speak about said countries… but no, instead they’ve made the show basically another ‘Hear & see your favorite characters & songs from Disney movies celebration’ you can find at every other park atm… the ‘dubbed in different languages’ aspect being their crutch is weak IMO. and supposedly the ‘characters & stories’ are the way we identify ourselves rather than the actual places & their people’s qualities..

Like.. I get the whole reason we’ve fallen in love with the Disney film characters & stories is due to the way we connect with all the basic human qualities they all inhabit and possibly the inspirations behind their worlds & stories. ‘However’ that simply isn’t the same as celebrating ‘real-World cultures & concepts and the beauty & importance of understanding ‘those’.

And while sure.. you could certainly make the argument that my favorite EPCOT attraction features characters & a song. The difference with that though was it was focused on ‘Imagination’, an important ‘real world’ concept. Not on the fact Dreamfinder’s a wise, whimsical blue suited professor or that Figment’s a purple dragon with childlike innocence & curiosity that we can all connect with & understand. It was focused on the ‘creative process & ideas’ we all have the capability of using and the possibilities they possess when we put our abilities to work which ultimately is key to making a better future. ‘That’ is why those characters & that ride stuck with me.. their genuine purpose and the real world concept of creativity being presented in a captivating, fun, inspiring way.. not simply because Dreamfinder & Figment’s designs & personalities were charming or appealing in design or that the song was catchy.

I could make the same argument with Cranium Command & Kitchen Kabaret also.
Heck, even some of the the really early film IP themed attractions like Goofy About Health at Wonders of Life & Circle of Life at The Land got this right.
The key aspect here is ‘balance’.. and unfortunately.. Disney has not found that yet cause they simply won’t allow it or market it properly..
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