News Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge (Project 89 - Development near Fort Wilderness)


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Some new permits were filed according to this article.

  • Relocation of existing equipment in addition to hardscape and irrigation work
  • Extension of existing structure with new piles that include electrical, plumbing and hardscape work
I saw these permits the other but I am not sure exactly where the work is being done. These addresses don't even show up in the RCID address database.


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Saw some new concept art of the lobby for this on some other site we don’t mention around these parts so I won’t add a link. I have been anxiously awaiting @Bocabear’s commentary on its multiple design failures lol!


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Aw come on... Disney would not put a Foosball table in the middle of the lobby of a Deluxe resort.
and the colorized statue of Pocahontas is quite iffy too.

the rest of it may be believable. My guess is this is an early version of the design.
I do like how open it is with all the glass.


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I'm sure it's not final concept art but still. When I see the Wilderness Lodge lobby I think nature... this could literally be an airport terminal or something. Hardly brings the word "lodge" to mind.
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