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Recording audio from WDW


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Record without guests. Then in your favorite audio editing program: You could try the old inverse isolation for centered audio if the original live recording is a stereo pair which could theoretically give you a cleaner mono audio track but results will still be less than ideal. There are also plugins or VSTs to remove reverb but a truly good one will be $$$. And again, results will likely be "fair" to "terrible". Last ditch effort could be good old EQing or some combination of all the above with the additions of a noise gate plugin. Best of luck.
Thanks for the advice!!

Figments Friend

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There are two topics on which I'll just take Marni's word as gospel, WDW and fashion sen....oops, I mean sound recording.

Martin has fabulous fashion sense.
I have spent some time with the man himself in the past ...live, and in person, and his collection of vintage 'EPCOT ' sleeveless shirts is legendary.

The one he had on the day of Epcot's 25th Anniversary was fantastic.
One of the highlights for me on a day with several.
Black sleeveless, vintage look, bright attractive 'classic retro' design.
So 1980s / 1990s, so neon, so awesome.
And likely very comfortable and cool too on that hot day!

Every die hard EPCOT Center enthusiast dresses with great fashion sense.
Oh yes....!


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