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News Rafiki's Planet Watch is closing Oct. 21st will reopen in Summer 2019


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They could do that without removing the train.
They could, with a reconfiguration of Trek. But with the train gone, they'd have a wide pathway that could lead to two-three new lands.

And with Rafiki's closed, they're going to keep up on the maintenance of the train just for private events at PW?
Removing the train would allow one way access to the plot North of Asia. However I'd think that removing or relocating Anandapur would also be in play so access to that plot of land isn't a dead end, otherwise a loop around Kali seems huge.

Alice a

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Guessing I was one of the few who truly enjoyed this: have a nice lunch during the heat of the day, dozily ride the train, have a nice walk over to watch some kind of interesting veterinary procedure - air conditioned! - enjoy a nice, crowd-free walk around, return inside for a quick restroom visit in a clean, empty restroom, get a quick photo with whoever was walking around, train back, caffinate while walking a trail, and suddenly it's evening and we're ready for more fun.

There is less and less for us who can't ride thrill rides.


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Epcot: Spaceship Earth, Nemo, Aquarium, Land Boat Ride, Figment, Pixar short film festival, kidcot, American Adventure, Frozen, Gran Fiesta Tour. Everything but Test Track, Mission Space, and Soarin have absolutely no minimum height requirement. Not to mention that walking through World Showcase is considered by many to be an attraction in and of itself.

Hollywood Studios: Indiana Jones Show, Frozen Show, BatB Show, Muppetvision, Toy Story Mania, Jedi Training Academy, One Man's Dream, Launch Bay, Mermaid Show. There is a height restriction on AlienSS, but it is only 32 inches which means most 2 year olds can ride it. This park does have less, currently at least, other than shows with no height restrictions. But Studios just has less in general at the moment.

Animal Kingdom: Tough to Be a Bug, Wilderness Explorers, Boneyard Playground/fossil dig, Triceratops Spin, Nemo Musical, Asia Animal Trail, Flights of Wonder, Africa Animal Trail, The Safari, Festival of the Lion King, Navi River Journey.

Not to mention that most kids reach 40 inches by the time they're 5. Which opens up a ton more possibilities. And if kids are less than 5, they probably will enjoy the dance parties and character stuff as that is the age group those are primarily for.

There a lot to do at every park for all ages. whether you and your family enjoys it is another issue. But it is still there. I'd even argue that with the animal trails and wilderness explorers and shows and the safari DAK might be the best for young kids outside of Magic. Even with the cut of Rafiki.
Well keep in mind im talking about a 3 year old here. Petting zoos and trains are right up his alley, hence the major disappointment. Pretty much everything he can see in HS he can see a much better version of outside of Disney. When you are talking about only a 5 dollar difference in ticket price the discrepancy between attractions for young kids is just too great between the parks right now. Last time i took a group of kids that age to the park they spent most of the time in HS asking when we were going back to the MK.


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This whole area seems half finished, like they took something out and put some temporary stuff in its place, like the whole inside of Living Seas / Nemo.


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Wow, so it's actually completely shutting down.

I just hope/wished they move their animal facilities somewhere else so they can bulldoze it and put something more substantial there. Animal Kingdom needs all the help it can get.


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Well... if it's to remove the train so that they can then put in a new land north of Kali, it'd be worth it.
There's a long stretch of walkway between Africa and Asia, that's currently a smoking section, but it goes up hill there. So they could possibly have a walk way "over" the train and backstage road to that unused land north of Kali. I'm sure if it's more likely they would remove the train or keep it because Zooptopia has a train... for some reason


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That sucks, and was unexpected....but does make sense. It must be a huge expense for little gain.

That being said, anyone wanting to see any of the operations and animal talks, go to Lowry Park down in Tampa. Went last May and they have a fantastic animal surgery facility and the staff really were great. Whilst you're down there you also obviously have one at Busch gardens too.


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Went once, it was fine.
Never thought about going back.
It was the true definition of "one and done" for me.
Look forward to seeing what they do there.
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