PotC mist screen removed/turned off for good


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LOL... It was a good idea but it rarely worked as intended. Or at all. 🤣


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Disneyland is better. Period. Florida is a cliff notes version, paris is a better version of florida's short version, Tokyo's is a wannabe version of Disneyland's only with less impressive caves and. O waterfall at the end. And Shanghai does not even belong in this conversation since it is "The Ride based on the movie of the original ride". It is a completley different thing. And no, while I have not personally ridden them all, I have seen enough on ride videos to form an opinion.
The only similarity Florida and Paris have is they both take place in Adventureland and adopt a more tropical atmosphere, eschewing the New Orleans related theming. Other than that, they're very different. I've ridden the Florida and Paris versions in person, but even someone who has only seen videos of the rides should be able to see how different they are. In terms of the ride itself, Paris is at least about on par with Disneyland's in terms of content and quality. Arguably better in some ways.

Florida is heavily abridged in content. The restaurant and bayou are cut entirely, the ride starts in the (very short) cave grotto. Three of the skeleton scenes are missing, and it only has one drop. The gunpowder room and travel up the waterfall are cut. The ride ends after the prison, the unload replaces the gunpowder room, and the boat lift is backstage (with a speedramp as the transport back upstairs). It's just lesser and inferior to Disneyland all around. The only alteration I like in Florida is the drop being used to transition between the cave and ship battle. But that hardly makes up for everything else.

Paris' scene order is vastly different from all the others, but it still effectively matches Disneyland's content. The restaurant is rethemed to a tropical lagoon with shipwrecks instead of a New Orleans bayou. The boat lift is after this, transporting you up a shaft into the fortress WHILE it's being attacked. The prison is relocated to here, and it has additional details even beyond Disneyland. Barrels are floating in the water with a cat on top, pirates are swinging from above trying to break in. The first drop sends you into the middle of the battle, and the town scenes play out like Disneyland does. Again some extra scenic touches here and there such as the sword fighting animatronics. The gunpowder room is no longer its own separate space, but set details and figures from it are instead split up and merged into the prison and burning town scenes. The second drop at the end of the town transports you down into the caves, the scenes cut from Florida are included here.
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In a vacuum, the new Barbossa animatronic is a quality figure with a well executed (albeit very simple) skeleton effect. But it doesn't even fit in the scene they placed it in Paris, let alone if they put it in Florida.

The cavern scenes had an ominous and quiet presence that the stationary skeleton figures fit perfectly with. Adding in moving human figures to these scenes was a bad move. And Barbossa in particular was just plopped right in front of the helmsman skeleton with no thought whatsoever, it's a pointless and irritating intrusion to a really iconic and well done scene.

Putting the Barbossa figure in Florida's version would be an even bigger mistake. It would be just as intrusive, but the continuity would be even more messed up. The scene directly precedes the ship attacking the fort and would ruin the buildup of this reveal.

It's important to keep the cavern scenes quiet and subtle. They have good reason for being this way. And I'm usually someone extremely on-board with filling scenes with tons of animatronics. But the atmosphere of the caves requires a different handling. Adding excessive movement to these scene actually detracts from the experience. And especially placing another figure in front of the iconic skeleton helmsman is just a bad design choice.
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Putting the Barbossa figure in Florida's version would be an even bigger mistake. It would be just as intrusive, but the continuity would be even more messed up. The scene directly precedes the ship attacking the fort and would ruin the buildup of this reveal.
Are you talking about adding another Barbossa? He's already in the Florida Project, up on the ship attacking the fort (presumably for hiding Captain Jack Sparrow).


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I won’t argue that the facade and queue at Walt Disney World set a mood for the upcoming attraction. However, the same can be said for any attraction including Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean. So the Florida version is still missing that very large piece to the experience in addition to much much more. The lack of the bayou is only one part of what makes the Florida version inferior. There literally twice as much ride at Disneyland and it’s all packed with detail and quality story telling.

Two drops were not impossible at Walt Disney World. They could have built an exact clone if they had wanted to. Choices were made. Whether they were influenced by time, budget, design or some combination is debatable. But the end result is an inferior product.

Disneyland’s is not all over the place. It’s actually more consistent in its use of time to tell the story.
As someone who went to Disneyland originally, but now lives in Florida, newsflash. I don't care that the DW version is missing the Blue Bayou. Yeah, it's an awesome scene. But you got to realize that much of Florida is like the Blue Bayou with swamplands and the same flora and fauna of southern Louisiana. Central and northern Florida both, in particular, have swamp lands with Spanish moss, cypress trees, etc, etc, like you see in the Blue Bayou. In fact, sometimes when I am walking through the woods at night, I feel like I am in the Blue Bayou from Disneyland. It's not a huge loss for Florida. It really isn't. I think the fort is fantastic. I love it. What a great queue. Now, I will say that the cave sequence is vastly superior in the Disneyland version. I miss that. I could care less about the powdered keg room and the going up the waterfall, but I do love those extra cave sequences and the extra drop. Therefore, I give Disneyland's Pirates a 10/10 and Magic Kingdom's an 8/10. Whereas, I see a trade off. I give Disneyland's Haunted Mansion an 8/10 and Magic Kingdom's a 10/10.


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I've ridden all 4 Pirates within the last year, and its no question that Paris is the superior version, with WDW's being an easy last.

I am partial to the bayou beginnings at Disneyland and Tokyo, and may say that I consider DL to be the funnest version depending on my mood, but objectively speaking, Paris is just better. It has an entire land built around the ride, the scenes are laid out in the most cohesive way, it has the lift hill and two drops, restaurant, etc.

Anaheim is great, and I love the beginning and the back to back drops, but the storytelling jumps around a bit. Tokyo is like Anaheim and WDW versions had a baby, but missing that 2nd drop, and WDW is the rushed cliffs notes version.

1. Paris, 2. Anaheim, 3.Tokyo >>>>>>>>>4.Orlando


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Agreed. Shanghai's PotC is a completely different animal. It's very impressive, but it has almost nothing in common with the others.
It's very different, but it's not like it's comparing the Mark Twain with Rock-n-Roller-Coaster.

It's more like comparing Mystic Manor to Haunted Mansion.
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