Poly Worth 465 / Night?


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I am starting planning for my honeymoon in July 2012... thinking 12 nights, spread out at a few resorts so we can get a few tastes of different resorts.

Last year we stayed at the Beach Club, first time staying on property for myself, whereas my fiance has never stayed off. She has stayed primarily at the BC and Boardwalk.

Simple question, is the Poly worth the hefty price ticket of 465 a night?

I'd say yes for sure! Especially for your honeymoon!! HOWEVER - see if you can get a discount code or a deal b/c it is a lot of moola that can be used elsewhere. My DH and I stayed offsite for our honeymoon ( a free Marriott Time Share) but paid for 1 night at Grand Floridian. We paid full price and it really made the last night of our Honeymoon very very special.


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Just changed my reservation in October from Beach Club to Poly and am only spending $1400 for 5 nights! Pretty psyched!


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Not worth that $400 price!

We stayed at Poly last October with a Bounceback Rate of 265/night. We always stay at Yacht/Beach/BoardWalk for around 219/night.

The 45 dollar increase to stay at Poly was not worth it. Yes, we were all so happy we stayed there--we even had a second story room in Tahiti, Lagoon View, and could see the Castle.

The common areas were always mobbed, the pool too small, and the monorail usually "waiting for clearance to proceed."

The rooms were very large, the views were pretty, and the CMs were outstanding. But we see a much better value at an Epcot Deluxe.

It was worth a try, but we will not be actively looking to stay there again.

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We love the Polynesian. It's worth every penny. My kids love the slide through the volcano and made us go through it---it is pretty fun, sliding through in the darkness is a thrill.

You can also watch the fireworks on their beach with the music playing.

It has such a relaxing atmosphere. I say go for it!


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Since it will only be for part of your trip, I say go ahead and enjoy it. There's a good chance that you'll end up with an AP discount, and there's nothing like a monorail resort if MK is your favorite park.


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Congrats to you both. I got engaged at and we had our honeymoon at WDW. My best advice: if you are going to do a split stay, stay a few nights in a 1BR villa at WL, OKW, or similar. They have 2-person jetted bath tubs that are perfect for a honeymoon. The ones at OKW are huge. Don't forget the bubble bath.:D


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We love the Poly. It's our favorite resort (to date). Stayed at GF with Theme Park view last September/October and prefer Poly hands down. Still have to try AKL, though!

IMHO no resort on Disney property is worth $445/night. Actually, several years ago we stayed at Ritz-Carlton in Montreal for Formula One race, paying about $350/night (rack rate is $500). That was a once-in-lifetime splurge and, honestly, was not worth it.

We will be visiting WDW end of September. Paying $2,062 for 7 nights with 40% PIN code discount. Rack rates for Garden View room are $385 (9/29) and $445 (9/30-10/5); we are paying $231 and $267, respectively. We feel that this is a great price for a Poly stay. Without the discount, the very same 7-night-stay would be $3,504!!!

As others have suggested, go ahead and make your reservation now to secure your resort and room preferences. After all, it's your honeymoon! A very special trip! There are sure to be some room/resort discounts that will be
offered before June 2012 (which you should definitely be able to apply to your ressie). For example, the GP (public promotion) 30% resort discount that was offered between April and October 2011 would be $3,007 for same period of time.


I agree that the Poly is romantic and beautiful!! The atmosphere is so tropical and lush.
I have been wanting to stay there for years, so on our last trip we went over and asked to see a room (we're going back 3/12). The were extremely welcoming and immediately had someone show us to a room....
I was a little disappointed. The room was maybe 8 to 10 feet longer then a moderate resort, but the decor and the furniture was average. The windows were either tinted or very dated looking, and since it was a standard room, it looked over a black tarp/awning and into another building.
My other problem with the room was the bathroom. We have three children, so when we are getting ready to head out, I love the bathroom areas that have the sink and mirror outside the bathroom, with a seperate room for the shower and toilet. This way, everyone else can be brushing their teeth and getting ready, while one person showers privately. For you, it will just be two of you, so that won't be an issue, but for a family (especially with older children), that would never work.
That said, we spent three nights at the Polynesian for dinner (the Kona and Ohana-and we did request a window seat so we could see the fireworks while we had dinner) because it really is a beautiful resort. I just expected the rooms to be brighter and fresher.
Good Luck and congratulations!! I imagine you'll be blissful wherever you stay on your honeymoon!!


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Having just returned back a few weeks, its fine for the resort, not for the room. If you are looking at the Poly as "a hotel" it's not worth that much. If you are going to enjoy what the Poly has to offer, setting, location, food, etc, it is well worth the experience, comparatively with other resorts. You can impulsively go in and out of MK and Epcot pretty quick, and that too makes it worth it, again, over the price of other Deluxes.
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