Please explain the Tiki Room


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We always thought it was a restaurant, so we never went! Well, I figured out that it wasn't one, so we went for the first time on our trip last January. I thought it was cute. The Tiki's are awesome. Totally unexpected. Iago is annoying, but that's Iago for you. Make sure you wait until the VERY END... stick around while Iago's talking and everyone is exiting... he makes a funny crack at a certain Liberty Square attraction. Oh, and if you can, sit in the section immediately to your left when you enter I think you get the best view there. We were seated right under Iago, kind of disappointing.

what does Iago say?
its going to be four years before i go back, i can't wait and find out myself
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Its a cute show and the newer updated version is more of a hit with kids and 20-somethings. If you haven't gone before at least try it.


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Unless you desperately need a place to sit in air conditioning--don't waste your's like being stuck in a little hut with a zillion animatronic little singing is hopelessly horrible... It's mildly better now that it has been redone then when I was a kid...but I hated it as a kid, and i have les tolerance for it as an adult... I've had to suffer through it twice is an adult--once because my husband had never seen it and wanted to do everything...and the second time because my kids wanted to go in there... Nex time someone wants to go...I'll wait outside!!!! You just sit there and the little birds sing...and there are some thunder and lightening special effects and a Tiki Goddess... actually a bit frightening for some small kids and just ridiculous from an adult stand point. Don't get me started! I like all things Disney...but this one! Nope! Two thumbs down.

But did you enjoy it? :lookaroun


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Edeyore said:
Could someone give me an idea of what
the attraction entails?
Well you see,
In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki room (sorry keyboard stuck)
(are you following now, its complicated, i'll start over)
In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki room
all the birds sing words, and the flowers croon
In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki room

wow, i apologize for my stuck keyboard, but uh... that's basically it right there, singin' birds and crooning flowers... yep


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As Walt explored the realms of theme parks and film after his creating his successful animated classics, he became more and more fascinated with blurring the line between fantasy and reality. Mesmerized by a mechanical song bird he found on vacation, Walt toyed with the idea of making animals and people - fictional and nonfictional - come to life. And Disneyland was the perfect place to do this.

In 1955, mechanical animals made their debut in the Jungle Cruise. But even more complex where the bears and other characters to appear in Disneyland's Nature's Wonderland mine train ride (eventually converted into a popular runaway train ride). But these were only stepping stones into an idea that both he and his Imagineers would work on for years.

It would be a restaurant in Adventureland - where an ancient master would tell his tales of wonder and enchantment. Such a figure would be too complex for its time, so Walt took his inspiration (the mechanical bird) and found that an enchanted aviary of singing birds could be a delight to eat under. Right? ;)

The show eventually progressed to become an Enchanted Tiki Room. The studio was mocked up with a bunch of singing birds, who crooned to "Let's All Sing Like the Birdies Sing" and "Barcarole," a song from Jacques Offenbach's opera, "Tales of Hoffman."

The little show finished, and the Imagineers looked at Walt. "That's it?"

The Tiki Room didn't have a story. So Walt brought in the Sherman Brothers (who were writing for Mary Poppins at the time) to create an introductory song we know know as "In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Room."

He then brought on the Golden Horseshoe's WALLY BOAG (traveling Salesman who went on to do over 50,000 shows) and FULTON BURLEY (Irish tenor) to write a script for four hosts: JOSE, PIERRE, FRITZ, and MICHAEL. The script included gags - "You stay off of my bach and I'll stay off of your bach" or "No one laid an egg but me" - and Boag went on to play Jose, the Master of Ceremonies, along with his cousin, a barker bird who greeted guests outside of the Enchanted Tiki Room. Burley went on to voice Michael.

The original show became a smash hit. It's the only attraction that I know of where Walt Disney invested his PERSONAL money. It was a tropical serenade that was eventually duplicated in Walt Disney World, featuring "wondrous song and joyous miracles."

Over time, the show began to age. A two piece song - Offenbach - consisted merely of a dancing fountain. Serene? Yes. Charming? Okay. Boring? To most. This caused people to walk out in MASS of Walt Disney World's Tiki Room, rated a boring attraction. At Disneyland, the 17 minute show was cut down to 14-15, omitting the long songs. They were never eliminated in Florida, so Disney set in showman KEVIN RAFFERTY to rewrite and retool the Tiki Room after an idea to replace ours with an ALADDIN ARCADE was shot down.

The new show runs 9 minutes (11 if you stay in the theater till the next show starts) and attempts to downplay the original, thanks to host IAGO. Zazu is on hand to warn him that he cannot toy with the Tiki Room.

So the new show is essentially the story of Iago being burnt by a kick-butt audio-animatronic Tiki God. Most of the original characters, including flowers and tikis, are still in place (except Rosita, who's always missed the show), and it's good if you want to take a break, enjoy air conditioning, and hear rock'n'roll, rap, and conga.

I'm not a fan of the new show as I don't think rap music belongs in the story. Iago is also pretty loud and obnoxious.

But the show has its history -- a very important one I might add -- and does provide many of its guests with something entertaining. Why not try it?

If you're into a more traditional Audio-Animatronics show, there's the one and only ORIGINAL Country Bear Jamboree right next door.

And there's always the original in that tropical paradise in Disneyland, recentlly gutted and redone and looking better than ever.
Wow, how did you know all that??


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He no longer posts here, but the poster is a Disney genius and the ultimate insider.


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I can’t believe this got bumped, but let’s just say that the Tiki Room is amazing and Disney parks at their finest. Further, 2020 is a very different world than 2005 was, and thus, the Tiki Room in its current form is probably running out of days.

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