Planning to visit for the first time - stupid question


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Aha! So it *is* covered by the fullboard plan purchasable with Sequoia Lodge reservations? Is it possible to add the fullboard plan after the hotel/ticket reservations have already been made?
It is yes. I have the option of adding a Meal Plan to my booking online.


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Everything about what you're saying here makes sense except for the unfortunate fact that the full board plan does not include Walt's, which we'd really like to visit.
Paris is pretty easy when it comes to dining plan. The only restaurants not included are character meals. Auberge, Plaza Gardens (dinner only) and the two Disneyland hotel restaurants aren’t included. All the others ones are included, including quick service which aren’t recommended for obvious reasons.

And since you pay for prix fixe menus you don’t have to worry about picking only the most expensive options to save on the dining plan.

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