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Pandora World of Avatar Phase Two


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WDWs figures - even day to day - have been non standard this year. It's been an unusual one.

Early October for example, a day I was there Epcot had pulled the low 30s through the gate, yet had lost 6-8000 by early evening. The week before, every main attraction at Uni studios had a 40 minutes plus wait. Equally surprising.


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not as aby
The one thing I want out of Phase II is a walk-through wildlife trail with giant Pandoran AA's. The rest is gravy.

Seriously. This is ANIMAL Kingdom and I feel the ANIMALS of Pandora are not as abundant.
The River ride should have really been extended and included AA's of the Pandora Animals, so we can see them "for real" and not as an animated filmed image.


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I think a very reasonable idea would be to add encounters similar to that of what universal studios does with their raptor encounter at JP. Maybe have an ACE cast member lead out a performer in a direhorse costume and while guests are taking pictures with the direhorse the cast member would share some facts about it. My idea for a third attraction would be a ride in vein of the 20,000 leagues under the sea at Tokyo Disney Sea. It would be more thrilling though. The premise would have ACE sending you deep into the pandoran ocean where you’ll encounter the aquatic life. Maybe there is a run in with a dangerous predator that cuts your tour of the ocean short and forces your submarine to get back to base.


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I really want to see an attraction based on the waters of Pandora. I know its unrealistic but it would be cool.
It’s not as unrealistic as you think. If they take elements of 20,000 leagues under the sea from Disney Sea and add some projections it could be very feasible.

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FWIW, Jim Hill seems pretty sure on his recent podcast that Disney is ready to push forward with a Phase 2 addition to Pandora... I do have to agree that it would be interesting to see what Cameron has in store for Avatar 2/3 (and beyond) to see what else from the mythology can be explored and that may only be possible when Disney owns Fox and has a better insight into the creative process of the upcoming films.

I certainly do agree that exploring the water portions of Pandora would be really neat (and something that Animal Kingdom in general skips over [aquatic based lifeforms]).

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