Pandora opening date? - New Florida Resident Ticket w/AK Blockout Dates in May/June


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A new Florida Resident ticket came out today (1/4/17).

I was looking at the Blackout Dates and they are only at Animal Kingdom from May 27-June 9.

Could this be the opening of Avatar? Or Rivers of Light?

I found it strange that they only exclude Animal Kingdom on those days.
It seems that TDO is either pulling our leg or they are prepared to at least soft open somewhere in there.


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Could be one, could be both. But as mentioned, I'd pencil something in for those dates (just make sure you have an eraser handy).


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I prefer to think of those blackout dates as anticipated Grand Opening dates, with softs coming all the way back at the beginning of May. (Oh, did I not mention I'll be there at the beginning of May? I probably should've said that first.) ;)
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