Operating hours of several Epcot attractions and shops to be reduced from Feb 2016


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I get everyone's issues with this, but I admit I dont really mind it. If Disney is now after cost-cutting, putting rides back to the hours they used to be and simply not opening the store in for an hour most guests dont really go to it...seem like small, sane, measures. Better than layoffs, or exorbitant increase in pricing.

(Although I am a little worried that disney is being like this now, since I think the usually big brazilian attendance in summer might decrease this year...)

the point is they are clearly cutting costs across the board...putting employees at risk...hurting the experience for guests because they Fed up more than you know in asia...they should have never made a deal with the devil now we all have to pay? i say let the share holders know and let it burn.


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So... the only reason for people to go all the way into The Land after 7pm (until Soarin' reopens, of course) is Garden Grill? o_O

I happen to be a fan of LWTL at night. The greenhouse looks cool in the dark.
I'm sure LWTL will return to normal hours once Soarin' reopens. As for Imagination Pavilion - I think it will remain 7 until they replace at least the movie with a legitimate new version.


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Don't forget that in the 90s, Disney allowed its parks to have attendance seasons because they accommodated refurbishment schedules.

May would have been a relatively slow time for WDW in 1994. September and October would have been nearly dead. As you can see from the hours in Martin's post, the summer crowds didn't really kick off until June 12.

As for those prices, @marni1971 — I might as well point out that both the MK and Epcot had more to do in 1993 than today.

I have a times and information guide from May 1994 in my hands right now. It clearly shows future world closing at 7 and world showcase opening at noon. That's nearly 22 years ago. So clearly the "7 p.m. crap" is not relatively new.

Also for those interested the same guide shows that there were only 4 days the entire month where Magic Kingdom was open later than 9 with half of the month having 7pm closes. This May the park never closes earlier than 10. And there is only four days it closes before 11.

In May 1994 Fantasy in the sky fireworks were only performed 6 times the entire month and Spectomagic was only presented on 4 nights. This May Wishes is scheduled every night and MSEP has at least one performance every night as well.

Also Disney-MGM Studios closed at 6 all but the last 4 days of the month.

I was looking at a summer 1993 guide last night. Very different:

EPCOT Center

June 1-5 9-7
June 6-11 9-9
June 12- August 21 9-10
August 22-28 9-9
August 29-31 9-7

Magic Kingdom

June 1-4 9-10
June 5-12 9-11
June 13- July 3 9-12 midnight
July 4 9-2am
July 5- August 22 9-12 midnight
August 22-28 9-11
August 29-31 9-10

One day one park was $36. Five day hopper was $189.15. Annual pass was $205.


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I think all of the attractions should stay open until park close, I mean that's why people go there is for the rides. Mouse Gears opening an hour later is not a big deal for me, We don't usually walk straight into the gift shop the moment we enter the park anyway.


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Hours are being slashed all over the place. Part time? Forget about it unless by the grace of God, someone calls out or trades with you. Its truly unbelievable.

I have to say this is true with all retail companies. Jan/Feb are just a slow time of year. Years ago when I was in high school I worked at a grocery store and even they cut everyone's hours during that time of year. If you were full time(40 hours) you were cut to 35 and part time was cut the same way and this was in the 90s. Even now I work in a fast casual restaurant and we are slow so I have cut back 1 day a week. It will pick back up and the hours will change again. Those of you with your cushie office jobs have no clue this is how the rest of us have to live.


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Why do you suspect this? You might have dropped some of the Best News Ever.

Well, first theres the current brazilian economic crisis that has the dolar now worth twice what it used to be, meaning going to the USA is now twice as expensive.

Added to that, there is now a 25% tax (might be lowered to 6% in the future tho) on overseas tourism transactions, which includes those tour group packages brazilians always go for.

And finally, there is the olympics in august, which might affect the holiday dates for those in rio de janeiro, so there miiiight be less tour groups from this city going in july.


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The extended the hours of some stuff in Future World when Soarin' closed, most of those things closed at 7 pm. I'm guessing they didn't draw much at that time of night. I know a few weeks ago The Land Pavilion was dead when we went in at around 8:30 to ride Living with the Land. There were more cast members than guests.


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Ugh. These are of course the things I ride as I am not a thrill ride person. I couldn't care less about test track or mission space. I love riding Living with the Land during fireworks. Oh well.
I'm curious- what is the attraction of riding this during the fireworks? I love Living with the Land, too, although I wish they'd update it. Can you see the fireworks or is it a way to avoid them?


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I couldn't really see the fireworks, but lots of loud booms and a few flashes of light. Just a different way to ride one of my favorites.


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Oh, OK. The gardens do have a different feel to them at night. :)

I agree. I love this ride and would like to experience it at night. I can't remember the last time I was there when it didn't close at 7. I wanted to go on it after 7 last October but saw that it was closed. It would be nice to have more options that have shorter waits after 7 before illuminations. It makes sense with Soarin and Circle of Life closed since no one is there but once that's all over it would be nice to see them keep it open later. With all of this talk of closures and hearing there's more to come has me worried.


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These just seem like attractions that are already not popular at all past 7 PM anyways.. Most people are either in World Showcase by the evening, given the size of the park.. Or waiting hours for Test Track, Soarin, and 30 minutes for Mission: Space. Of course Spaceship Earth won't close until 9 being the big center piece* of the park.

But Imagination pavilion and Living with the Land I'm just not shocked. I wouldn't be surprised if Nemo closes at that time too, soon. Future World is normally deserted at night outside of the E-Tickets.. and I think it's naturally that way because of how people walk through the park.. They would be halfway around World Showcase by 7.
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