One Sentence Competition: Summer Fun

James G.

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A Charlie Brown Christmas in July


The Cedar Point Ballroom, located directly adjacent to Planet Snoopy, becomes the location of A Charlie Brown Christmas in July, a walk-through attraction for Peanuts fans of all ages.

Scenes from the ever-popular television Christmas special come to life as guests stroll through a recreation of this classic holiday special, where they can meet, greet and have photos taken with all members of the Peanuts gang, including Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Schroeder and of course everyone’s favorite beagle, Snoopy, while segments from the special are broadcast on HD screens in between scenes.


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Sorry I missed the last round. Things got hectic. Anyway, onto my submission this round...

Doc Brown's Outatime Lab


Doc Brown and Marty McFly have made their grand return to Universal Studios Florida, setting up a workshop at World Expo. Here, guests can have a chance to admire in wonder at the many experiments and gadgets that line the shelves and worktables, or have a chat and photo op with Marty or Doc Brown.​

Solaris Knight

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Honestly I was tempted to be elaborate, but I'm not sure I have the idea for anything bigger



Taking over the part of West Side at Disney Springs near Jaleo is a mini-land inspired by Kingdom Hearts, giving a permanent home to Sora (Now a face character), Donald, Goofy, and Mickey and their Kingdom Hearts outfits. To plus this out will be a small quick service booth selling Tokyo Disney Resort exclusives like the pizza spring roll and sea salt ice cream bars, as well as a vendor for exclusive Kingdom Hearts merchandise not found in the United States.

Chaos Cat

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Magical Menagerie


New to Animal Kingdom is an innovated meet'n'greet experience that uses puppetry to bring Disney's animal character to life like never before. Characters from Lion King, Jungle Book, Bambi, and other animal-focused films cycle out seasonally, but all sets will feature Simba, making his meet'n'greet debut.​


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BG Logo.png

Now stationed at Universal Studios Japan is Battleship Godzilla, a theatrical photo-op attraction where brave research recruits descend into Hollow Earth to board the subterranean warship Kojima whose research facility holds towering and terrifying kaiju both familiar and unknown.

When Godzilla attacks to unleash his beastly brethren, a thunderous battle begins and the ship launches an emergency evacuation, but the recruits will have have to survive a close encounter with the King of Monsters before they can hope to return to the safety of the surface world.

Battleship Godzilla.png


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Replacing the Animal Actors pavilion in Universal Studios Hollywood, the dark towers of Castle Frankenstein now stands tall and proud over the Upper Lot, serving as an elaborate meet and greet area for the classic Universal Monsters, as well as a permanent HHN maze of sorts to meet the children of the night. Guests can roam the halls of the spooky castle, meeting Count Dracula in his crypt, the creations of Victor Frankenstein within his abandoned lab, or venture down into a watery dungeon where the Creature From the Black Lagoon will emerge from the depths for a photo snap.

D Hulk

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Only at Virginia's Dinosaur Kingdom II will you learn the true, indisputably factual history of the U.S. Civil War, namely that Union Army forces tried - and mostly failed - to successfully utilize living dinosaurs on the battlefield, as battle mounts, as beasts of burden, even (somehow) as a source of milk.

Where once only static fiberglass statues appeared, now guests may directly interact with General George Stoneman, Jr., legendary commander of the Union Army's ferocious fightin' Carnotaur Cavalry Corps (realized via an incredible, free-roaming marriage of puppetry and stilts), who sings battle hymns and freely divulges top secret battle plans from atop his beloved Cretaceous steed affectionately christened "Petunia."
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Only at Virginia's Dinosaur Kingdom II will you learn the true, indisputably factual history of the U.S. Civil War, namely that Union Army forces tried - and mostly failed - to successfully utilize living dinosaurs on the battlefield, as battle mounts, as beasts of burden, even (somehow) as a source of milk.

Where once only static fiberglass statues appeared, now guests may directly interact with General George Stoneman, Jr., legendary commander of the Union Army's ferocious fightin' Carnotaur Cavalry Corps (realized via an incredible, free-roaming marriage of puppetry and stilts), who sings battle hymns and freely divulges top secret battle plans from atop his beloved Cretaceous steed affectionately christened "Petunia."
I swear my submission is a complete coincidence.


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Ankylosaur Abode (甲龙栖息地)

The mascot from the Netflix series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, Bumpy the Ankylosaurus has stomped her way into Universal Studios Beijing with her own enclosure next to the Amber Ridge in what can be described as a spiritual successor to the Triceratops Encounter from Islands of Adventure. This walkthrough attraction features 2 AAs of Bumpy, with the first one being in her stable; allowing guests to get up close to her while she's getting a checkup from Jurassic World paleoveterinarian, while her second animatronic is in an outdoor paddock; though actually an enclosed redwood forest set with artificial lighting based on real time daylight/nightlight; where she is able to move around and interact with her environment, including using her clubbed tail to hit a ball given to her by her handler.
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OSC Reviews.png

Meet the Muppets by @Tony the Tigger
Love that you're utilizing PizzaRizzo, and hopefully this means that it stays open throughout the park's whole operation day with this added foot traffic. It's very exiciting to see the Muppets offerings get expanded, and the constant rotation will keep guests interested and coming back for more.

Wild Pokémon Habitat by @Disney Warrior
A solid experience as Pokémon remains very popular with audiences of all ages, and as such a meet and greet experience with them is very exciting. My one question is are they are going to be costumes or puppets or animatronics? As many of the options you chose are bipedal, but Mudkip would be an interesting one to see. Overall though a cute addition.

Madame Leotas' by @MickeyMouse10
Didn't say it couldn't be a character meal at a table service so you got me there! I can see this being a big hit with guests of the park given the Haunted Mansion's strong reputation with park fans, and mix of eclectic characters would make for a neat experience.

Meet the Proud Family by @DisneyFan32
Not really a review, but just so everyone is aware: The Proud Family is not the the most popular show on Disney+, but it is a good one! The location of the meet and great makes sense, and it adds something more to Hollywoodland for guests to do which is a bonus.

Wall-E Meet and Greet by @OvertheHorizon
It's a shame we never received a Wall-E meet and greet when the film was released as Disney was embracing more of these Living Character concepts at that time (Lucky the Dinosaur, Muppet Mobile Labs, PUSH), and Wall-E would have been an excellent choice for this. The interactions with guests sound very cute, and would definitely bring delight to all that interact with them.

The Caterpillar by @Brer Panther
This way another neat way to bring back the Living Character Initiative! In particular the addition of this character adds even more whimsy to the miniature Alice in Wonderland area that Magic Kingdom has. One thing that will be interesting to see is the scale of the meet and greet will the Caterpillar be on the regular scale of guests or will guests be at the same scale that Alice was when she met him?

Dr Facilier's Voodoo Emporium by @cdunlap
I'm all for seeing more love to Disney Villains as they are criminally underrepresented in the parks even though they are often some of guests favorite things about the movies. It'll be neat to be able to enter the shop from the film, and it makes for an excellent backdrop for a meet and greet.

Gepetto's Workshop by @mharrington
This is some great timing as the synergy between the remake and this plays perfectly into the parks' marketing strategy. It's great to see some love for some characters that don't get as much, but are still recognizable to the public as classics.

Return of Figzilla by @TwilightZone
Yes. Although it should be noted that the Grid tunnel is actually how the characters enter and exit (both Joy and Vanellope) so turning it into a Figment meet and greet may hurt the others. Unless you're replacing Ralph and Vanellope which is fine as well in my book if it means Figzilla is back!

Betty the Yeti by @ThemeParkPriest
This would be a cute, and interesting meet and greet given the scope of the character it would be insanely cool to see the creation given the size and intricacies of the character. Guests would likely be memorized by seeing the giant yeti within arms reach.

A Charlie Brown Christmas in July by @James G.
Another clever way to answer the prompt of a meet and greet experience. It adds a fun new seasonal event during a time one wouldn't expect adding a sense of quirkiness to the meet and greet experience that adds to the fun. Having the walkthrough work in a way as a queue for the characters was also a great way to make waiting in line a fun and entertaining time.

Doc Brown's Outtatime Lab by @DashHaber
Glad to see these characters get a proper home instead of lingering by the train prop from the third film. Universal is sorely lacking on these kind of small meet and greet experiences with themed queues and elaborate spaces, and it would be nice to see and a great way to plus a day at the park!

Nintendo World Greeting Spot by @MagicKingdom4Ever
A solid addition for Super Nintendo World playing as a great way to be a permanent home for the Super Mario characters.

Dug by @kmbmw777
PUPPY!!! I could see Disney doing this given they did have a dog as a meet and greet character at Hilton Head until COVID-19 entertainment budget cuts. I personally can't believe they fired a doggo, but alas-sie ;) Personally I can see guests going crazy for this experience given how dogs are always popular, and a talking dog would be pure Disney magic!

Twilight Town by @Solaris Knight
Definitely another approach I was not expecting for the meet and greets, but it is neat to see such an area built! Love seeing the various snacks ported as a bonus, and I think it would be interesting to see meet and greets in Disney Springs. In the past they have utilized a virtual queue for meet and greets here, ands I'd be fascinated to see how this is handled here.

Magical Menagerie by @Chaos Cat
I'm surprised Disney really dabbled with a meet and greet experience similar to this in the past given the immense popularity Lion King had when it released, and the popularity it retains as a modern beloved classic. The seasonal rotation of characters is a nice touch that encourages repeat visits from guests, and having Simba as an anchor for the experience.

Battleship Godzilla by @InspectorSpacetime
Another interesting approach to a meet and greet experience having it be more of a photo op given the large size of Godzilla & Co. I'd be interested in seeing how the Godzilla fight works out as it sounds like a cool moment for guests that can help the experience stand out.

Universal Monsters - Castle Frankenstein by @Evilgidgit
Another great way to interpret the prompt! The castle itself adds some visual interest to Universal Studios, and balances out the Hogwarts castle. The walkthrough itself brings back the walkthrough attraction type which has been absent since the closure of The Walking Dead. Having themed areas in addition for characters to meet is nice to see as it gives the characters a proper place to live, and given Universal pushing the Universal Monsters as a focal point of their parks brand a home like this in Hollywood is lovely to see!

General George Stoneman, Jr. of the U.S. Carnotaur Calvary Corps by @D Hulk


WHY DOES THIS DINOSAUR HAVER MACHINE GUNS :hilarious: This park seems to be insanely research after looking through the website, and this concept matches that ridiculousness. I feel like to truly know if Virginia's Dinosaur Kingdom II is truly scientifically accurate we need our local animal expert @PerGron to weigh in here. Back to the actual pitch, this is so silly and matches the park perfectly. The absurdity of the concept would likely be a hit with guests given the more comedic nature, and would further cement Virginia's Dinosaur Kingdom II as a must see for all.

Ankylosaur Abode by @Suchomimus
Regardless if guests know the connection to the Netflix Original Series this meet and greet is very detailed, and brings to life another iconic dinosaur in a realistic way. Setting the meet and greet in various environments ensures that guests are able to get their photo with Bumpy. While the space utilized may be small it is clear that their is an appreciation and craft that went into this meet and greet, great job!​
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OSC Results.png

So were back to this, huh? Another round of results while y'all make sure that I have a near impossible time deciding who gets which position? Once again each one of your creative spirits shone through in spades proving that no matter the challenge, you are each ready to meet the prompt in your own unique way. It is refreshing to see so many varied responses to this challenge, and makes me glad to know the Imagineering forum is full of these wonderful ideas that y'all concoct. With that said time for some results!

OSC 4 - Honorable.png

Who's our honorable mention going to be for this challenge? Why it's none other than @Chaos Cat with their Magical Menagerie concept! The Lion King Simba puppet is pure Disney magic as it brings to life a character that likely hundreds of thousands of guests have always wanted to meet, but unfortunately have been unable too due to how the character is built. Having the supporting cast of characters on a seasonal basis was a smart move as well as it incentives guests to return on other visits, but allows for infrequent guests to plan on what characters will be appearing during their time there.

OSC 3 - Third.png

Any guesses on who our third place imaginer may be? If you guessed @James G. then you would be correct! Their A Charlie Brown Christmas in July concept is quirky yet rooted in a recent push in society, mainly from corporations, to start celebrating Christmas well in July! People seem to be warming up this idea, and this walkthrough-meet and greet hybrid was a great way to incorporate this modern tradition. In addition having the characters dispersed throughout the walkthrough allows for guests to have plenty of things to do while waiting to meet their favorite character, and elevates this from just a meet and greet to an experience.

OSC 2 - Second.png

Our imaginer landing in second place for this challenge is............... @Evilgidgit with their Universal Monsters - Castle Frankenstein creation! The concept brings a new visual point of interest for guests visiting the park, and is a stark parallel with the whimsical Hogwarts. The inclusion of a year round HHN style maze was cool to see, but what took the cake was of course the meet and greets. Having each of these classic monsters in their own dedicated space themed perfectly to their background.

OSC 1 - First.png

Lastly, in first place taking home the gold for this challenge. Drumroll please! It is none other than @Suchomimus with their Ankylosaur Abode! Their presentation oozed charm and a love for the concept. Covering every aspect of this meet and greet with impeccable detail, and showing how the meet and greet will serve as a way to make a dinosaur to come to life as realistically as possible. Thus casting a wave of magic and suspension of disbelief over guests as they are able to meet what seems to be an authentic ankylosaurus!
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Points, points! Get your points here!

27 (Tied). @ThemeParkPriest - 1
27 (Tied). @FulcrumSolo - 1
22 (Tied). @James G. - 2
22 (Tied). @Disney Dad 3000- 2
22 (Tied). @NateD1226 - 2
22 (Tied). @Honey Bee (Rebooted) - 2
22 (Tied). @Shannoninthemagic - 2
20 (Tied). @Hoopa- 3
20 (Tied). @MisterPenguin - 3
16 (Tied). @DashHaber - 4
16 (Tied). @InspectorSpacetime - 4
16 (Tied). @kmbmw777 - 4
16 (Tied). @mharrington - 4
14 (Tied). @Solaris Knight - 5
14 (Tied). @DisneyFan32 - 5
6 (Tied). @Disney Warrior - 6
6 (Tied). @OvertheHorizon - 6
6 (Tied). @cdunlap - 6
6 (Tied). @TwilightZone - 6
6 (Tied). @Evilgidgit - 6
6 (Tied). @Brer Panther - 6
6 (Tied). @MagicKingdom4Ever - 6
6 (Tied). @Chaos Cat - 6
3 (Tied). @spacemt354 - 7
3 (Tied). @MickeyMouse10 - 7
3 (Tied). @D Hulk- 7
1 (Tied). @Suchomimus - 8
1 (Tied). @Tony the Tigger - 8

Do you sense that? I sense another challenge with potential ramifications for points coming up!​

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