One Sentence Competition - Season 4 Episode 4

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Is this starting?
I've been at the Michigan Renaissance Festival all day and just got home. Did I miss it, or will this be 12:00 a.m. tonight, going into tomorrow? Doesn't really matter- I spent six hours walking around a hilly, massively-crowded ren faire in heavy garb spending way too much money and driving three hours home through mostly Michigan drivers (whose idea of a speed limit is the same as the speed of light). I'm not staying up to find out. Tomorrow or whenever will be fine.


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DISNEY SPRINGS and Downtown Disney


As we begin the Double Trouble of the season finale, we will first be taking a courtesy shopping spree at both Disney Springs and Downtown Disney, to get you ready for the hot sun of our first two weeks, Magic Kingdom/Epcot and Hollywood Studios/Animal Kingdom.​

-Background Information-

Disney Springs has had some major improvements over the years, from name changes to whole theme changes. At one point, they even had nightclubs! The "mall" also celebrates holidays in their own ways. One holiday that is not hugely celebrated in Disney Springs is none other than... Halloween.

Disney Springs
: For this challenge, you have to create a Halloween Show that will go in or around the Marketplace Stage, which is across from World of Disney.

Downtown Disney: For this challenge, you have to create a Halloween overlay for the monorail station. This can be anything from a meet and greet all the way to a new shopping area next to it!

Disney Springs
: As a bonus, create a new classic character for this Halloween Show. Note that it can not be something as easy as Black and Orange Figment, or Vampire Mickey.

Downtown Disney: As a bonus, create a new food treat to serve in Downtown Disney, in stalls, or restaurants. It can not be something that may be served in other parks.

You may use between 1 and 3 sentences and up to 1 image. For the bonus you may use 1 sentence. The deadline is Friday, September 28, 2018 at 10:59 PM EST. Critiques will come shortly after, with Challenge 1 being posted at 11:59 PM EST.


K.I.S.S. – Keep it simple, silly. Try not to complicate or overthink things too much. It’s a simple, casual competition – there are no eliminations. Propose as you please!

-Judging Criteria-

Is it creative?
Does it accomplishes everything within the challenge guidelines?
Is it realistic?


This is just the practice round. Although there will be the traditional awards ceremony, there will, in reality, be no points given. Remember, this is a round to let everyone have a feel of how this will go, especially since this is a new two-prompt technique.​


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Practice Prompt: Disney Springs

The Journey of Jack the Lantern!

This new show coming to Disney Springs will follow Jack the Lantern, a pumpkin who has somehow been granted life. Jack goes on a journey to find out what Halloween is about and why he has become alive. Along the way, he will encounter many creatures, including ghosts, zombies, vampires, and more!

Bonus: Jack the Lantern.



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Practice Prompt: Downtown Disney
The Haunted Station

Th 999 Happy Haunts have found and taken control of the Downtown Disney monorail station. The entire station will have statues of iconic ghosts from the attraction surrounding it, as well as the occasional ghost pianist who plays for the guests while they wait for their haunted monorail. The Haunted Monorail will be painted to be black and blue to represent the ghosts, as well as special on board audio and the occasional Hitchhiking Ghost riding with you.

Bonus: Bite Sized Bats, a special chocolate candy designed to look like bats.


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joining disney springs is the musical themed to the tim burton classic, nightmare before Christmas. this musical will be about 58 minutes long and will every musical piece from the film. multiple life-like costumes and animatronics will be used for multiple of the characters too.

bonus - in a collaboration with general mills, franken-berry and count chocula will be there during the halloween season.
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