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Oldest Disney World Memory


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earliest memory...

My earliest memory is leaving the Magic Kingdom with my father early and being confused as to why we were hopping on a monorail. He told me we were going to go see a new place called EPCOT that was still being built. Even today, I can vividly remember standing on the platform, looking out at the massive ball of steel that would be Spaceship Earth (along with the rest of the park) as it was under construction. We left with a preview guide which for many years resided under a bathroom sink in our house until it one day just disappeared.

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Roaming Characters

I don't remember too much about my first trip in May of 1978, but I distictly remember roaming Disney characters everywhere in the Magic Kingdom.

Snow White, The Tweedle Twins, Brer Fox, Dopey, they were all just roaming around the park, greeting anyone and everyone. No cast members were needed to keep back impatient guests from cutting in front of picture takers, it showed how society was a little nicer back then.


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Mine was thinking that the donkey was real on Big thunder mountain at disneyland paris when i was 6!!! And going on the peter pan ride over and over and over...;)

Epic Epcot

At age one, all I remember was a few blurry memories of the drive up there and of some rides and parts of the parks. Also, lots of music and lights. Then next year, my first complete memories involved the Pepto Bismal Castle, and plenty of the 25th anniversary.


This was and is still the best memory I have Disney as a whole! When I went to WDW a few years back, we were staying off-site which meant we had to drive in everytime and park the car in the car-park. We arrived early to avoid queues. We were waiting for the Magic Kingdom to open up when all of a sudden this castmember came over to us and saidto my dad 'Would you and your family like to open the Magic Kingdom today?' So we opened the Magic Kingdom infront of all the guests in the queues. We got a certificate and also we got to ride in the front cab of the Monorail to the Park :) It was amazing! Thankyou Disney!
I remember meeting Snow White near the Castle when I was about 7 (this is January, 1972). I was so tongue-tied that I called her Cinderella, and as I recall she wasn't too happy about it! Then we went on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, and I was never so thrilled. LOVED IT!


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My oldest memory of Disney world was my first! I was reporting for my first day in the role I chose, Jungle Cruise Skipper! I got dressed in my costume and proceeded through the tunnels to the stairway I needed. I THOUGHT I had the right stairway, but when I came out of the door on the park level, I could not be more wrong!:ROFLOL:
I walked through the door into the park, only to find I was not where I needed to be, which was behind the left side of Main Street to walk to the backstage area of Jungle Cruise! Instead, I came out under the Train Station! I began to panic a bit, but realized it was only a short walk to the boat dock. As I walked out from beneath the Train Station, I was in awe! The park was empty the ground was freshly sprayed down and the park music was playing! In the distance, I saw that wonderful sight of Cinderella's Castle! I felt so much emotion at that moment, I have felt as if I have finally made my drem come true! Which made me think if this is how Uncle Walt felt when he first built Disneyland? I snapped back to reality and looked at my watch, I had only minutes to check in to my new role, so off I ran! That was my oldest and first memory of Disney World memory that I will forever cherish the rest of my life!:sohappy:


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DisneyWorld had just opened....My family were big fans of the TV show Wonderful World of Disney. I pleaded and pleaded for my mother and father to take us to Disney. Three years went by and was surprised when my mother told me and my brother that we were going to Disneyworld for christmas. It was going to be our gift. They had saved for three years.

By then I was somewhat older and Christmas and even Disney lost some of its luster. I was then twelve or thirteen. I had just started to notice girls and other things pre-puberty boys notice. I was still excited for I had never been on a plane and thought that was pretty cool.

We stayed at Poly, it was amazeing. We came from a very rural area at the time and for me it was truly magical. The memory that restored my belief in christmas was waking up christmas morning and seeing the ENTIRE WDW transformed over night to a christmas wonderland. Even at my age I thought there is no way they could have humanly have done this. I thought about it all day. How did this happen. Was there really a santa clause? I told myself over and over...there is no santa clause. I quickly rationalized the wonderful stocking left on our door for me and my brother. I figured Mom and Dad put that there.

For the rest of our trip I was eight years old again. Now every time I go back I cant help but remebering that day. I have relived it in my mind on christmas every year since. That was the first and last time I visited WDW at christmas. I dont think I ever will. I dont want anything to taint that memory. I know no matter what .....it could never measure up to that level of true magic.:xmas:


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Well, i have been going since i was a baby (1998), but the OLDEST memory i barely remember was that i would cry when my parents tried to give my pasiphire to Mickey Mouse!

Then when I had my 6th birthday, a had my birthday at epcot (favorite park). I went to my favorite pavilion because it had my favorite ride (food rocks). I ate my birthday lunch at that turning resteraunt. When i got my cake, i was mad because it had yucky sprinkles! :mad:

hahahahahaha this thread makes me happy! :D:D:D:D


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I only have one memory from my very first visit in 1997. I remeber riding Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (especially remember the street signs, train tunnel, and hell scenes). Can't really remember which side was it. I was 3 years old at the time
I have some really foggy memories of me riding Dumbo when I was about three years old. I also remember when Splash Mountain used to be a walk on mid-day. That was a long time ago, so I'm not sure if it was just because the time I visited.


My oldest Disney memory was choking on a hot dog when I was 4 or 5 at Disneyland.

Sadly I didn't make it to WDW until I was 27 so I remember all of those fairly vividly. Though I guess the oldest memory would be riding the Magical Express to BCR as it was the first part of the trip. :)


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My first memory is with my parents. When I was young (around 9), my parents took my to Disney World and I remember having such a good time with them (more so then usual). Whenever we went, my father seemed different - in a good way. I relish those days and think of them often (my father is no longer with us) and think of the great times we had together - I know hope to have these same great times with my children every time we go.


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I am a big WDW fan and recently DW expressed interest in visiting California and Disneyland. That brought back some memories and when I found this thread I thought I would share some of them.
My first trip to Disneyland was in 1959 when I was 8 years old. My dad, who worked for the same company for 45 years had reached a milestone anniversary (20<SUP>th</SUP> I think) and was given a month long sabbatical and a bonus. Like the Griswold’s we drove across country to visit my uncle. My father’s twin brother had settled in southern California after WWII. I remember driving on Route 66, a year later there would be a TV show by that name and my sister and I thought that was the coolest thing. I remember the excitement as we pulled up to Disneyland and although most of the day we spent there is a blur, some things stand out.
The house of the future, my mom thought it was too weird.
The Rocket to the Moon, I remember sitting in the rocket.
The motor boat cruise, my dad let me drive, my sister got to drive mom.
The submarine ride had just opened, and I remembering waiting a very long time to get on board. We rode the Nautilus, later my dad bought me a model of the real Nautilus and we built it together. I also remember saying I wanted to join the Navy; funny because I spend 30 years in the Army.
My sister and I wanted to have lunch at the Pirate Ship restaurant but all they served was tuna, I think the restaurant was sponsored by Chicken of the Sea. My father would not touch tuna so we ate chicken pot pies at the Carnation Ice Cream parlor.
Thank you for letting me have a senior moment.


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The first memories are kind of silly...from being in the parking lot walking to the tram and noticing the character names in each section of the lot, to boarding the monorail and looking every which way for the castle and going through the Contempo. Upon entry to the MK, I remember standing there in awe of Cinderella Castle just to be whisked away to Tomorrowland to beat the lines. :( It was still a fun trip. What's crazy- I can still hear some of the music from that first parade in my head "Thank you Mickey, Thank you Donald, we're all glad you're here..." or something like that.

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