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Oldest Disney World Memory

Luau Cove

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Original Poster
The oldest thing I remember is being give an anise ball by DALE in the Contemporary's Concourse Steakhouse and I spitting it because I didn't like it...WEIRD MEMENTO.

Pioneer Hall

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I remember a long time ago they used to have characters in the lobby of the Contemporary. Kind of like the character caravan but all day long (and they still had early entry). Those were the days. Early entry and characters.


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this isn't something I truely remember but it's what my parents have told me over and over. I first went to DL when I was like 2 and 3 months.. lol and I made my father ride dumbo over and over and over lol.

My oldest WDW memory is easier since the first time I've been to WDW was this summer... it was the afternoon of June 3 and it was getting mouseears with my name embrodried on them so I could wear them to dinner with my soon to be roommates. Well that and being FREAKED out by Alien Encounter... lol.


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My earliest WDW memory is seeing the pirate drinking with the pigs in POC. I was 2 at the time and that is the ONLY thing I remembered from that trip. When I finally returned about 6 years later, it was interesting to ride POC again and relive my memory.


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When I was about five I remember going to the halloween thing they did at the Contemporary and I was scared to death of the Wicked Witch from Snow White that they had running around. Then we finished off the night by trick or treating between the two rooms that we had. (We were there with friends of our family.)


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I remember seeing the old western gun show they used to have, on the top of the Frontierland buildings. They used to have a gun fight on the top of the buildings and the performers would fall off the back of the buildings. I was like six at the time and I remember hearing gun shots and guys being over-dramatic.


Miles and miles of trees

First WDW memory was 1974. Turned off 192 and drove past a "Welcome to Walt Disney World" sign... then nothing but trees for miles and miles before finally seeing Cinderella's Castle... still miles ahead.


New Member
I went several times before I was 10. I can't remember a whole lot out of those trips.

I can't remember how old I was when this happened, but my family was visiting relatives and we were staying in one of the FW trailers. I may have been 4 or 5.

I was out running around chasing my cousin. I tripped and fell and chipped one of my teeth. The one thing I know is that it was a baby tooth.


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Its a tie between getting stuck on IASW for a long time and the first time i got lost in the parks (yes...it happened on more than on occason)...

Both were about me at age 4 or 5....


Account Suspended
I remember being 8 years old and on my first "remembered" trip to Disney and thinking how cool it was to be riding on World of Motion as it started off going outside the building and back in again. Wowwee.....


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First trip was when I was four (1976). I remember back then, we used to wear the Magic Kingdom passes around our necks like necklaces. We stayed at the Contemporary Resort and the game room was incredible - there was a man doing those caricature sketches, but you couldn't see him (it reminded me of the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain)! I also remember being asked to get up on stage at the Polynesian Luau and I started to cry since I didn't want to go up there alone.

Ahh, it's the little things that you always remember!


Pumbas Nakasak

Heading for the great escape.
I always remember a trip to Disney as being an unobtainable dream. Thanks to Sir Freddie Laker and his battles to reduce trans Atlantic airfairs its been a reality. Shame recent events are giving some companys the excuse to make it that way again.

The Wonderfull World of Disney, a prime time tv extravaganza shown during holiday weekends. Only Disney could have got a way with advertising on the BBC.


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I remember going for the first time when I was 12, in 1976. My parents bought the cheapest ticket books available. I remember staying on U.S.192 at the Days Inn. and I remember riding down the turnpike and the citrus groves. Then I remember coming back when I was old enough to drive and a freeze had killed all the trees:(

Tom Morrow

Well-Known Member
The first thing I remember was from my first trip, when I was 9 years old. Basically, we had been talking about the trip for almost a year, but I had never been there, so I had no idea what to expect. Actually, I had never even been to a Six Flags. Well, aside from the struggle with the car rental and stuff, my very first memory of WDW was arriving in the MGM parking lot, and thinking it was the park! I said, "THIS is IT??" A parking lot with rides on the side?" But then I quickly learned what it really was. Ironic that my first memory of WDW is that.


New Member
The oldest unique thing I remember is proabbly waiting for the railroad at the old Frontierland station, before Splash Mtn construction began.

I also remember the train running backwards when Splash Mtn was being built. Did they do this when Toontown Fair was being built as well?

- I've seen Splash Mountain under construction.
- I remember the original Tomorrowland very well. I remember Mickey's Birthdayland, and before that area even existed.
- I remember lakes in the middle of Communicore.
- I think I remember when the Living Seas and Wonders of Life were new, and they had *huge* lines (Body Wars had a 60+ minute wait frequently)
- Of course, I remember when MGM and then-called DAK opened
- I remember when they were replacing the old sit-down monorails with the current set of monorails (Monorail Blue, baby!)

Not bad for a 23 year old. Most of these memories were from when I was a little kid.


Active Member
Ok, Digital Disney made me think of one more memory from my first trip...the monorails. Each door had to be manually opened and closed by someone. When I was little, I thought that was the best job and one that I aspired to for quite some time!:lol:


Well-Known Member
The Halloween thing is my most vivid memory. I still remember:

~Mission to Mars and the old Tomorrowland
~The OLD circleVision 360 movie in TL
~Frontierland BEFORE Splash Mt. construction even began
~The void that used to be where Wonders of Life is now
~WS w/ no Norway
~MGM before ANY of Hollywood Blvd.
~MGM when the behind the scenes tour thing did EVERYTHING from one queue
~No Boardwalk, Y&BC, Swan, Dolphin, Grand Floridian, All-Star, Port Orleans, or Dixie Landings Resorts
~And the manual doored monorails (I agree DigiDis, I thought that has to be the coolest job) :D

Like DigiDis I'm a young un too (22)

Oh...One more...The WEDWay People Movers (None of this TTA stuff)

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