New Tomorrowland Rock Paint Job


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It’s primer. The exterior was damaged by liquidised grease leaking during Irma.

Edit; already answered. Here’s the issue:

You heard it here first....

Carousel of Progress is getting upgraded to a Grease theme!!! (Was that part of the FOX purchase???)


Notes from Neverland

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The drainage systems as a whole in Tomorrowland could use some love. We got stuck on the Peoplemover right at the turn where you have an awesome view of the castle. From there, you could see the roof on the right was in horrible shape and the gutters were completely full of pine needles and sludge. Really bad show, probably worse functionality.


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I was there right as the park opened back up after Irma. I can confirm that the CoP looked like garbage with leaking grease and everything. I thought they had gotten it cleaned up and spiffy, but I guess not. Well, that and Tron-Morrowland

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