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New The Living Seas survey


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"The Seas with Nemo & Friends" name has shouted "Kiddie attraction" since day 1. If Turtle Talk and a few small nods to Nemo remain fine but the focus of the pavilion should return to being about The Seas.
They could just fill it with scrap plastic and call it a day.....


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I comes down to the same argument about IP's in the WS: providing context to children via familiar characters to facilitate education about a broader topic is fine, even a good idea. It just shouldn't become what the pavilion is about.


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Seas needs a nice refurb overall. While I don't care for the Nemo IP, it still keeps the message of "if we don't take care of our oceans, we're going to mess up ourselves in the future". The pavilion just feels left in the 80's but without cool retro feeling and more of the "it cost too much to repaint this wall so we'll leave it alone" feeling.


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There’s a proposal to add to the pavilion. None of these, and maybe not IP driven either.
Have they finally figured out how to make the bubble vehicles work?
Actually what I would love to see most is get rid of those bars that they’ve had in there for so long that divide the tank up. I think it’s to separate the dolphins and the turtles, but honestly I’d rather see one of those go instead of having that ugly eyesore in the tank.


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There’s a proposal to add to the pavilion. None of these, and maybe not IP driven either.

Add all the leftover plastic straws they must have now and dump them in the tank. Guests can watch Scuba Mickey fish them out, thus edutaining them about the dangers of our seas being contaminated with plastic.


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I would argue that the aquarium isn’t dated. Pretty sure it’s still the worlds largest single tank aquarium and that makes it quite timeless. What can be dated about staring at fish?

As far as the largest in the world currently it is #6. When it was built in 1986 it was largest in the world until GA Aquarium in 2005.

#6 Living Seas (USA) - 5.7 million gallons
#5 Moscow Oceanarium (RUSSIA) - 6.6 million gallons
#4 Georgia Aquarium (USA) - 10 million gallons
#3 Oceanografic (SPAIN) - 11 million gallons
#2 Marine Life Park (SINGAPORE) - 12 million gallons
#1 Chimelong Ocean Kingdom (CHINA) - 12.9 million gallons

In the US it is #2 since Georgia Aquarium was built.

#1 Georgia Aquarium - 10 million gallons
#2 Living Seas - 5.7 million gallons

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