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News New Signature Restaurant for Japan Pavilion - Takumi-Tei


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church etiquette

Church etiquette on headgear has very very very long traditions which wound up being illogical.

Woman were at one time required to wear something on the head (even if it's a bobby-pinned tissue if you didn't have anything else). That harkens back to the Ancient Near East traditions of keep your women (your wife and your daughters) out of the leering eyes of other men, cf. the wedding veil and the burka.

Meanwhile, in some traditions it was absolutely blasphemous for men to wear anything in church on their heads even though the bishop was wearing two hats at the same time. Meanwhile, in the Jewish tradition, everyone covered their head.

Secular traditions are just as illogical. Not that long ago, women had to be covered from neck to wrists to ankles, even on the beach. But after their 'liberation' it was expected they wear as little as possible even to very formal events where the little black dress or the red carpet dress covered no more than a bath towel; all the while formal for men is being covered from neck to wrists to ankles...
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Supposed to open July 5th according to Cast. Won’t open with online reservations right away and dinner only starting at 4PM.

Wow, that is fast - I did not think it would be ready for a July opening based on the last pictures.


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Photo update as of Wednesday, July 3, 2019. Construction walls are gone and the new landscaping is visible. The entrance is on the ground level, straight ahead on the pathway behind the cast member. There is a sign next to the door (in the shadows).




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Some pictures of the inside:
The table that's supposed to have the water flowing across it...kinda looks like...sick. From the angle they show at least.

Everything looks nice though. Not sure if I'll ever eat there but glad to see Mitsukoshi constantly investing in the pavilion.

Edit: Nevermind, looks much nicer when closer!
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I believe the tasting menu is something like $130 per person.
I read that also, then an ADDITIONAL $75 for the sake/wine pairing.
I've gotta ask how are they really going to do the tea ceremony. Don't mind maybe sharing a sip with DH, but no way I'm drinking after a stranger even if they do properly wipe the rim.

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