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New Roundup Rodeo BBQ sit-down restaurant coming to TSL


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Impossible. Disney IT is top notch.


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got one but the system seems to be really slow. I got one lunch and one dinner first full week of march. Also at the last screen i'd get an error after I submitted my credit card info but I still received the confirmation emails.


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$45 a person for this should be surprising, but it's not. Didn't really have any interest in eating in that space anyways, but I'm certainly not paying that much for mediocre BBQ when I can get much better elsewhere on property for less.

This is where the theming really matters for Disney -- if it was a really cool themed space, I'd probably pay once just to eat in it. But the theming here does the opposite, at least in concept art. I suppose it's possible the actual reveal looks dramatically better/more interesting.
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