New Mid-Day Ticket Option


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A ticket that helps people that want to go later in the day and probably benefits people that want to get there early in the day with slightly less crowding. Seems like a winner overall. Not sure the niche it fills between people who have booked tickets months ahead of time and APers but looks fine. Kinda seems like the first finger in the dam in response to attendance though.


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I'm also going to add that I miss the shopping ticket. Years back, you could buy a one hour shopping pass. If you didnt get back to GS or the ticket booth, your CC was charged and at that point you paid for the full day if you were trying to cheat the system. This was a nice option if you were staying at Boardwalk and wanted to run into Epcot to get a quick bite from the France Pavilion.


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A lot of DVC guests like to sleep in or lounge around the resort since they come frequently enough. I can see this being a popular option for them. On some DVC boards, regulars boast about having not done rope drop in years. If I didn't have an AP, this would be ideal for my upcoming trip. I won't be entering any park before 1 pm, and generally staying until close.


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Or - you could go to MK on a party night because everyone avoids the place like the plague because it's perceived you don't get the value. Yes you don't get to see the fireworks, but if you hit MK on a party night, for the most part you can see and do everything twice.

Sure and you can go stand/sit at the many places where you can see fireworks from outside of the park and enjoy them still.

I'm more interested in why they did this not if it's good or bad. For some people it's good, for others it's bad.


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I think I mentioned several weeks ago they had this planned. It's a very wise decision for them, and a great way to make the parks more affordable. I'd like to see that price come down 5% more though. Good families of all economic backgrounds should be able to afford to enter the gate with their children; that was Walt's dream and it's the right dream. If it results in your parks being full, expand.

It should only come down 5% more if it were an after 3/4 option. I'm not entirely against this but they seem to like confusing guests and make things overly complicated when they don't really have to be.

To also point out they offer an Epcot after 4 annual pass option. I've long thought that was a good idea to offer the other parks.


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Does it matter whether the per-hour price of a regular and mid-day ticket are the same? If you know you're not going to be in the parks before noon on at least two days (say, arrival day and the day following an MNSSHP night) and you don't have an AP, even a 1$ discount on tickets for those two days would by definition be a better deal than paying for a full-day ticket. It's obviously not meant for guests who would be rope-dropping on those days if they'd bought full-day tickets.
Not necessarily. By the time you start hitting 4-5 days on a ticket each extra day is getting ti under $20 a day extra per day. It could easily be more expensive to get a 2 day mid-day ticket on top of a 4 day regular vs a 6 day regular ticket.


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This board never disappoints.

I saw this announcement and thought it was a great idea and would be a good way for my family to save some money without changing anything about the way we like to do the parks. I also immediately knew that if I came here and checked, this would be almost universally decried by the folks here. The most hardcore of Disney fans who hate literally everything Disney does.

Thanks, guys. Never change.

Right on.


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I was just about to pick up some weekday select AP’s, but now I’m back on the fence... holding out for a ‘after 12 on every weekday except every other Tuesday unless it’s a blackout date’ pass, because that’s actually exactly what I’d need.

Seriously, I would think there is actually a decent market for ‘after X:XX’ AP’s. We had Epcot after 4’s for a couple years and enjoyed it, a full afternoon / evening AP would be a no-brainer for a lot of locals.


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I wonder if they are trying to get conventioneers who have been put off by the $100+ a day ticket prices.
I think they realized they went too far with the price increases. This allows them to essentially lower the price without admitting they went too high. It lets them save face and increase attendance.

Plus, by making it start at noon, they are guaranteeing that people will be in the park for lunch.

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