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News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner


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There is some space to expand the Boardwalk between IG and BW if Disney wanted to make it into Springs Jnr around there. I suspect the returns are better from continuing to add restaurants inside Epcot though. Japan and WS Space restaurant won't be the last additions: even if it needs a new land to make the space for more dining.


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Plus some barriers, storage boxes, and a bucket and pipe threading unit. The cinder blocks are actually weighing down the construction wall. They get some big winds in Florida from time to time.

Sorry I posted that before I saw the other posts with item listing.
It was just a lame attempt to contribute.:D


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A lot of internal remodelling as well as the actual gate. This is getting ready to expand some internal service areas that will be displaced.

The real work will begin soon.
Wow, sounds like a pretty substantial modification headed to the IG.

As much as I lament the loss of the small, quaint entry, (our favorite of any of the parks, minus the magic of walking into the MK) it needs to be expanded to support the presumably larger crowds the Skyliner will be bringing in.
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