New Attraction and Country at Epcot World Showcase


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I'd love to see a new country put in with a big new E-Ticket attraction, but not a thrill ride. Not everyone likes or is able to ride a thrill ride due to health or physical limitations. Something along the lines of Maelstrom, but appropriate to whichever country it appears in.

I don't suppose they could add in The Netherlands and have a ride through the canals that goes into the Red Light District? ;) No? I didn't think so.


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Greece IMHO should have a considered spot. It brings a lot of mythology and stories Disney would build upon. The attraction could be thrilling with ancient beasts and gods.

I'd love to see a ride based on the Odyssey in a similar scope to the Sindbad ride from Japan. The various episodes are tailor made for a dark ride with separate rooms/scenes with creatures that would work well with a physical space/AA heavy ride. Add a catchy song and you could have an instant classic.


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I think there are enough countries. I would like to see each country get a ride.

I'd certainly rather focus on adding a ride or other major attraction to each of the pavilions. And they don't have to be huge (something like a clone of the Pinocchio ride for Italy would be good) though I'd be in favor of doing a Matterhorn style Mt. Fiji coaster in Japan - especially if they'd theme it all around, it would not only be great to see from inside WS but a great visual feature for the Skyliner.


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aren't there literally expansion plots in WS? There's one right now that people have rumored Brazil would go in for years now


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Id like to see the existing countries fleshed out with attractions- a gondola ride in Italy, maybe a fairytale dark ride in germany, sinbad from japan in Morocco a theatre and/or copy of the London eye in the UK and Mt Fuji in Japan

When a new country is added Id love to see Thailand - Thai dance show or tuck tuck dark ride through a thai market etc, restaurant with show and traditional architecture replicating the royal palace etc


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This has been kicked around endlessly ever since..... well ever since shortly after EP opened and people wondered why xyz country wasnt included. Space hasnt been the issue when adding another country, its money. It always comes down to the cost of building vs profit realized and how soon profit laid out makes up the expenditure of money to build and continue to operate. Countries and corporate sponsors arent coming forward to hand over bundles of cash to support building up new sites. So the multi millions spent to add one countries site cant be justified by those who oversee the return on their investments.
Millions spent for an attraction is a safer bet and a better investment than multimillions spent for a pavilion. We will see more attractions built before additional countries make an appearance.


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I'd go country over ride personally - the best part of Epcot is walking around the World Showcase and taking it all in. Epcot could do with more rides, but no moreso than Animal Kingdom (which needs at least one big one) or Hollywood Studios (which desperately needs a couple of small ones) do.

In terms of specific countries, I'd love to see Greece for the Hercules tie-in and the food, followed by Korea and Spain. But other continents need more representation - South America, Africa and Oceania in that order I'd say. From those, I'd go Brazil, maybe Kenya, and New Zealand.


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Would you rather see a new country or another attraction added to World Showcase? 她r both?! What country and/or attraction?

My vote is for Argentina and Brazil with a Iguazu Falls rapid ride/roller coaster thats 1000x better than the one in Animal Kingdom and a Brazilian Carnival dinner show. Plus, add a Mt. Fuji roller coaster to Japan. Is that asking for too much?!
Too much to ask for both? have a new country that has a ride built in. im privy toward Australia and Africa. Call me a lush but i like walking around Epcot and having some wine. Add these 2 and have have wines from these areas that can be added to the current Epcot wine trail (Germany, Italy, morocco and France) and a good restaurant along the likes of Boma or jiko. you could add a ride in either that would be an outback excursion and use the dinosaur/Indiana Jones architecture. would love to see the Matterhorn added by Germany. WS, while not that boring to adults makes the youngsters want to go crazy. Need a couple more rides to take off the pressure on Rat, Frozen, test track and such. Not sure why there is still a reservation system as the parks are at capacity, especially when there is 40+ min wait for SSE all day.


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Spain, Greece, and Switzerland. But something like that won't happen until new leadership arrives with vision and courage enough to take chances again. The bean counters aren't much for courage.


I think WS should focus on bringing in more exotic cultures - love Europe but the representation is already there (if I had to choose Greece or Turkey would win). India is probably the best large exotic culture not represented and would be a cool add.

You can go to Animal Kingdom :rolleyes:

I would love to see Greece with an Hercules ride, but Hercules it's not a big deal for Disney right now

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