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My official Cupcake Tour itinerary


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It's not a cupcake but the Paw Print brownie at Kusifari in AK is AMAZING!! It's a briwnise with buttercream frosting and chocolate Simba paw print on top. I liked it better than the Zebra cupcake there.


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I had the elephant cupcake last October, and wow. Very good, but I couldn't finish it myself! If you love coconut and/or german chocolate, then this is perfect for you! Oh, the elephant is a white chocolate "sucker"!!


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Zebra Cupcake - yellow cake with buttercream icing and chocolate shavings $3.99
White Chocolate Elephant Cupcake - rich chocolate cake filled with chocolate cream, topped iwth a light buttercream and toasted coconut $3.99
Cotton Top Tamarin Cupcake - chocolate cake with buttercream and dark chocolate $3.99

Here are a few from Animal Kingdom. If you haven't seen a picture of the White Chocolate Elephant Cupcake, here it is and something to consider. ;)


I WANT THIS CUPCAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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OMG. You must get the S'mores Chocolate Mousse Brownie (or whatever it is called) in the America pavilion's fast food place (I think it's called Liberty Inn, but don't know.)

That thing is so freaking good. I don't eat them any longer, sadly, but Puhleeze go eat one for me!!! Yum.

It probably has an entire meal's (if not an entire day's) worth of calories, but It's really, really good.


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Post pictures of your cupcakes when you get them! There are so many super snacks at Disney - but they really know how to rock a cupcake!

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