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there’s currently an internal casting call for domestic cast from Morocco to transfer to food and merchandise roles in the pavilion, I think they’re holding off on cultural reps there until they figure out what to do with the place.

@castlecake2.0 posted the above in another thread, but the public posting for positions at the Morocco Pavilion in EPCOT is up today.

Explore a variety of roles supporting the Morocco Pavilion in World Showcase at EPCOT! Candidates must be able to authentically represent Morocco in culture, heritage, traditions and language.

Food & Beverage Assistant (T)
Food & Beverage Service H/H (T)-Cocktailing
Beverage H/H (T) - Bartender
Sales H/H in Merchandise
Food & Beverage H/H - Seating Guests

Full posting below.



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I was in the back area (by the character meet and greet exit and sangria bar) a few weeks ago in the morning ~11:30 enjoying a seat in the shade (and an adult beverage) and there was some kind of corporate meeting going on back there. They've added back the henna tattoo station there and they seemed to be discussing the right backdrop and decor for it. I'm excited to see what they do with the pavilion overall.


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Giant crane on site this evening


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I want them to bring back the chicken shawarma. Where I live, no place has the actual chicken on the spit, they just cook chicken breast on the grill and it most definitely not the same. So I would eat there several times per trip. My kids loved it too.
Interestingly, shawarma has very little to do with authentic Moroccan cuisine. It comes from the other end of the Mediterranean.


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In my opinion, the counter service there (pre pandemic) was the best quality counter service in EPCOT.
We also loved the table service.

Now that Disney is running it, I expect the quality to go down.
I always recommend it to guests, was delicious. The Epcot festival team now runs it 😑 hopefully Disney comes up with a true operational plan for this area because right now it’s just sad.


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You can still go all the way around the back of the pavilion, this is up against the wall to the right of the Marrakech entrance. Not sure exactly what they would need that lift for back there other than high painting or replacing high lightbulbs? Curious 🧐
I wonder if they are removing the chandeliers inside? Has all of that been gutted? sad shame if true.


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That whole stretch of WS from Canada to Japan is kind of sad. Yes you have France, the Japan shops/restaurants and some other nice buildings but there's a lot of wasted space and potential and not much in the way of attractions. It's even worse when O Canada is closed.

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