Mobile stages coming to Star Wars - A Galaxy Far, Far, Away

The Empress Lilly

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A retractable stage was great, a mobile one is even greater.

DHS' center has improved tremendously the past few years, in complete contrast to the MK which has destroyed its hub and nighttime parade for a projection show.


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I am really not a fan of this show. It was sorta silly. There is no true storyline.. they walk in, they walk out. And we are done. lol


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Coming at you live! No stages in front of the Chinese Theatre, a PhotoPass photographer is out doing photos. A much welcome sight.View attachment 209169
Love that view! How it should always be!

No reason they can't parade the characters on the Jedi Training stage instead. One before the Academy starts for the day and one at the end.

Or they could do a makeshift parade that goes down Hollywood to the Jedi stage.
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