MNSSHP - Adults, you dressing up?

Adults, are you dressing up for MNSSHP?

  • Yes

    Votes: 55 74.3%
  • No

    Votes: 19 25.7%

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I can haz Lights of Winter?
I'll be there OCT 1st. No costume. Unless you consider a late 30-something portly IT guy dressed as a tourist a costume :D:cautious:. Just going for the fireworks and parade mostly. :cool:


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I'm going as Harrietta Potter, Harry's older, long lost twin sister whose House is Ravenclaw (she's the SMART twin, lol). However, my wizard's cap will have ears on it. And my wand will be at the ready if anyone misbehaves.

If it's too hot to wear my robe, then it will be a Disney Halloween shirt and Halloween ears.

The rest of my party will be Mr. & Mrs. Incredible.
Careful, some CMs might think you're a spy from Uni ;)


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My BF and I are going on October 22nd, it will be our first time attending MNSSHP and I can't wait! I'm going as a student at Monsters University. :)

I'm not having much luck convincing my BF to dress up with me, though. :( He thinks it will be too hot to wear a costume and that it will be a hassle on rides (we're planning to be at MK for the entire day). I told him the characters and CMs will be more fun to interact with if we're dressed up, but he's still resistant! I'm hoping he will change his mind once it gets closer to Halloween.


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we are 'disney bounding' I have hand made some little mermaid mickey ears, I have a black shirt that I painted purple seashells and I have some green pants. My DH is going to wear dark jeans with a red belt and a white shirt. I also have a small yellow and blue bag I will be carrying around.


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Yes! My family is dressing up as a Star Wars Family-- I am dressing up as Leia (abbreviated into shorts because it will be hot!!!), my son is going as Luke and my husband is wearing a darth vader tshirt.


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We will be there Oct 6th for the party,,, I'm Dressing up as Jafar, My DD is Jasmine, My DW is g2b Cruella, & My DS is one of the Dalmations, My other DD is g2b Elsa, & My EX Disney Father in Law is g2b Olaf, My Cousin is supposed to be the Mad Hatter & Ex wife is g2b Alice lol 1st time visiting in Oct its g2b a blast


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October 6th here - I will be dressing up! My daughter is being Tinkerbell, and my son is being tick tock croc if it's cool enough in the evening. The costume is a bit on the heavy side for the heat. I'm being Wendy, and still trying to convince my husband to be Peter Pan or Captain Hook. :)

Also Traveling from PA & g2b at the Party the 6th as well

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