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Mexico or Canada


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Left or Right? Margaritas or Moose? Sombreros or Flannel? Which way do you go to start the World Showcase and why? I have found this is one of the most adamant arguments within the WDW community. Keep it clean people!


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Left or Right? Margaritas or Moose? Sombreros or Flannel? Which way do you go to start the World Showcase and why? I have found this is one of the most adamant arguments within the WDW community. Keep it clean people!
Left, or clockwise. I can't think of a good reason why, other than I grew up with analog clocks. 🤔


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Usually Canada. I want to go to Mexico, but DH insists we go to Japan or France for lunch, so 11 am rolls around and we're trying to avoid taking DD on the Worst Ride Ever (Figment), but we just finished Soarin/Living with the Land... so Canada it is. But we don't stop, unless it's Food & Wine and there's a poutine cart (but you're spoiling lunch!!!!) O' Canada. Wait, it's a new movie now isn't it?

Minnie Mum

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Depends on the day. We always do Epcot over all least 2 days, splitting the park into 2 halves, with the American pavilion in the center. So on the day we do the "left" half we go via Mexico. The other day we go via Canada. Which half goes first depends on dining reservations.


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I typically go immediately to the right and visit Canada because. Just because. No other reason. I imagine that on my first trip to Epcot back in 1988 that's the way we went first, so I just continue that way, being a creature of habit. I also imagine it's possible that I may have just left the Journey Into Imagination pavilion and just headed to what what was closest, but it was so long ago, who remembers?
I have on occasion started off going to the left and I must say that it really didn't impact my trip any differently than going to the right.
The only real deciding factor now, I believe, will be what time my fast passes are for Frozen Ever After and/or Rattatoille.(or however it's spelled!)


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You left the IG off your list. I often enter Epcot via the IG, and go directly to TT. So GB, but often only to walk through it. Does that count?

If I enter via main entrance, it is a toss up.

When Ratatouille opens that will likely be my first WS destination.


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Mexico- maybe because I’m British and we drive on the left or because the pyramid is a bigger weeny. Tried going via Canada and it always feels odd
My family started out British, but my family left London in 1647, since then the ancestors tended to be a bit more randy than would allow us to remain pure bred. Maybe that's why I tend to go toward the left side as well. I have done that since my first visit to WDW. I have always gone clockwise when it is an option.


Mexico almost every time...usually when we get to World Showcase it's around lunchtime and we always eat at Mexico (outside). I know it's not the greatest, but it's just fine for us. If we're just wandering around Epcot later in the day we'll go Canada first.


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The majority of the time, we go left towards Mexico. Its got a lot in there to see and do to start out the circuit around, and we love the QS stand for a fast snack or drink. We do go occasionally towards Canada first, but it isnt as enticing doing it that way. Going left with more energy to use works best and then ending when we are more tired, worn down, finishing up and ready to leave as we pass Canada seems more appropriate.


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It depends on what I want to see first. Perhaps a viewing of Impressions de France is coming up, so I'd go right towards Canada. Or perhaps I have a FP+ to Frozen Ever After, so I'd go left towards Mexico. If I'm headed to America for the Voices of Liberty, I'll usually go left, and then go down the west side with a stop in France for a glass of wine before dinner.

So, no real preference. . .


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I'm going to say 70% of the time we start with Mexico, the rest of the time Canada.

Even when entering via the IG, we go 70% clockwise and 30% anticlockwise.

Why, I have no idea.

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