Masks at WDW

Would you go to WDW if you had to wear a mask

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  • No

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I voted no, but it also kind of depends. Within the next 6-12 months? No, I'll just wait.

But if it's five years later and we're all living in a post-apocalyptic nightmare where we're just about to hit the peak of the 17th wave of the virus, we've long given up on finding a vaccine, we have to wear masks everywhere else anyway, and I've somehow managed to save up enough of my monthly allowance from the US Treasury to afford going? Then sure, but I'll go in January. At least the weather will be bearable.


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I worked over 15 years on a burn unit where I had to wear a surgical mask the majority of my day with my patients and if I was in the operating room, temps were regularly over 90+ deg (we also wore surgical gowns, caps, and gloves and could be in the room for hours). I will admit the very first time I put a mask on I felt a little claustrophobic, especially with all the surgical garb. But now it’s nothing and at least I wouldn’t be wearing the equivalent of a long-sleeve dress over my clothes with a hat at WDW.

Hopefully masks don’t become a permanent requirement at Disney parks, but if they did, it wouldn’t bother me or DH (and our kids are teens that would manage as well).


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I don't know, should be the 3rd option.
Masks are just one factor/criteria, and I would not go to WDW based on that one factor alone.

#1. What kind of mask?

2. How much spending $ do I have, and what is the WDW price?

3. How crowded is WDW going to be?

4. Is the virus as deadly as it is now, worse, better, gone?

5. How is my community faring? Is it doing okay, or are all my neighbors broke and starving?

6. Oh, how is the overall economy doing? Are we talking full economic recovery, or full global depression, and runs on many banks?


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Just had to wear one to go to the store yesterday.
It was unpleasant.
I felt like I was suffocating and I couldn't even wear it properly as it kept fogging my glasses.
With the heat and humidity it would be wet quickly and could actually impair someone's breathing.
The trick is to mold the top edge around the bridge of your nose and then put you glasses on over the top of it. That will end the moist air going up to your glasses. I had an awful time the first time I tried, but after getting that advice it was much better. Still not something I would want to spend the day doing, but for a short time it was OK.

In answer to the question... absolutely not. No mask unless I'm planning to rob one of the parking lot collection stations. Funny thing, when I first went in 1983, I think it cost either $1 or $1.50 to park. I looked at the number of cars parked in the MK lot and all I could think of is if only I had just one days take from the parking lot. I don't want to even think about how much that amounts to now.

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Also, I think some are saying they’d wear masks, because they already bought annual passes. It’s a different circumstance when you might go for a couple hours vs an average tourist who is spending the day in the parks. What if you didn’t have an annual pass or what if you had to buy one now with the knowledge you’d have to visit with a mask? There’s no way I’d pay Disney’s admission price to spend all day in Florida weather wearing a mask.
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