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Man Accused of Stealing Buzzy's Clothing from Disney World Arrested

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It’s crazy to me how I totally thought this mystery would be solved back in December of 2018, and here we are now, two years later stuck in a pandemic, without any answers... at this point, assuming the bare mech itself is really stolen, I don’t think he’ll be found anytime soon, or possibly at all, since I’m sure the search for him has died down quite a bit since then, and they already went through Patrick a while ago. Plus, since Buzzy is just the bare mech and latex mask, I’m sure his value has somewhat decreased, and the clothes have already been recovered. Because of this, maybe Disney just doesn’t care about the search too much anymore? I honestly don’t know...


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It's a cold case at this point.

I continue to check in with OCSO on the status of the case every so often. Every update has remained the same: investigation is still open, Buzzy has not been recovered.

No new documents added to the case file in quite a while, as far as my sources have stated. The original detective that worked the case is now with a different investigative unit.


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I'm sorry....with the anniversary of Katiebug's thread coming up on Saturday, I just couldn't resist bumping this to 2021!! Where's Buzzy? Where's our buddy Patrick? (and I don't mean the one on Soarin')...
You mean Puddy? lol
Hopefully wearing a mask and social distancing but whereabouts who knows..
I doubt he's wearing a mask. lol
I can confirm that Spikes is purchasing items on eBay with regularity.
Do tell...
Gotta love that Piggly Wiggly $$$$!!
Oink Oink!!


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Yeah, patrick created that account when he was 14 in anticipation of this day......

Clearly we are dealing with a long con here. A plan put into motion so long ago that not even the people who maneuvered the chess pieces remember the plan. A game of wits so deep and masterful that the true endgame can only be the utter destruction of reality as we know it. We are dealing with a true master of the game, nay, a god of deception that can and will strike at any time. The game truly is afoot!



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