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We got back home this evening. Avengers Campus is great but I can’t help feel that’s it when long term it could be an incredible land.

Pyms was great. Web Slingers was pretty decent compared to my expectations but the land really needs more.

Flight Force needs more work. They need the Avengers E-ticket (even at the cost of Galaxies Edge) and I would say The Motors building, put a new and really impressive show in and you’ve got a massive winner.


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Anything new entertainment wise in the works this year for the 30th Grand Finale? Besides power the night and the returning Disney Dreams.


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Did they confirm whether Mirabel will finally make an appearance in the DLP parks or if this was just for that YouTube show. Would be odd to put that much effort and money into a show viewed by less than 15k fans and not have the actual parks benefit from those characters.

The movie was released more than a year ago. I remember when Disney characters started to appear in the parks with the actual movie release - sometimes even with their own new parade float or own parade (Aladdin). Should also not be that difficult to add new sequences to the castle shows based on popular new movies.


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I cannot get over this being a Wetherspoons (well looks wise, certainly won't be prices) on Disney property 😂😂😂
I am salty and mocking it but I am going end up here so much, especially with Cafe Fantasia still closed (or gone forever)
I ate at King Ludwig's once and maybe I chose bad but it wasn't great and it was expensive. So TBH I don't think that much will change although there are at least things that appeal to me a bit more. I'll probably just end up hitting the bar during Happy Hours for drinks and a snack like I did at King Ludwig's.

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