Trip Report Magical 10th Birthday Celebration

Who: Hubs, Jet and Me!

What: We booked this trip last January before the world went mad. We considered canceling about 50,000,000 times. We needed this trip and the special one on one time with Jet. Ninja, Bear and Handsome were excited for a weekend at Nana and Pawpaw’s.
Where: 3 nights at Universal’s Loews Royal Pacific Resort. Yes, you read that right we cheated on Disney and visited Universal.
When: November 19-22
Why: 1 day at Hollywood Studios (we couldn’t go to Orlando and not visit Disney), 2 days Universal Resort. My girls loves Harry Potter and finished reading the story 3 days before our trip.


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Monday November 16th:

Paca and Grandma who you can see in our previous trip reports here.”-suprise-christmas-trip.936852/#post-8012863


were supposed to come watch Ninja, Bear and Handsome at our house during our trip. Monday we received a call that they were no longer able to come because they both had COVID😭. Fortunately their cases are mild so they are on the mend.

We started to scramble. My mom had a stroke in 2018 which limits her mobility. My dad was forced into early retirement due to COVID so he is my moms full time care taker. If my parents watched our other kiddos I knew this would be a lot for my dad. Plus our kids would need to go to their house and do all their school remote. My parents were up for the challenge so trip was still on!

Wednesday after work I loaded the car up with my loves and off to Nana and Pawpaw’s house we go! After my 3.5 hour round trip we got home, loaded the car and made it an early bedtime.

Thursday November 19:

4:30 came early! Security was dead and we boarded our flight at 6:20 for our 6:50am flight.


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If you noted the flight time of 6:50 you will see I had quite a conundrum. We would not be at a flying altitude that Southwest would have the WiFi on at 7:00. Since Disney changed the boarding groups for Rise of the Resistance a few weeks before our trip I needed help. My sister in law a fellow Disney lover and our travel agent agreed to attempt boarding groups on our behalf.

I’m cheap and refused to pay for the WiFi since I no longer needed it. The 2 hour flight was quite suspenseful. We landed, turned off airplane mode and started refreshing the Disney ap.

Rats, no boarding groups. We had a decision MK or HS there were still open reservations. Jet made the decision for HS. She was desperate to ride ROTR.


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We never fly with carryons only since we are usually a party of 6. It was such a breeze getting through the airport with no luggage. Our flight had landed 10 minutes early so we were going to make it 20 minutes early for the 10am open. Our Uber driver had other plans....
After we were loaded and on our way he decided to tell us he won’t take the highway. Our 25 minute ride turned into to 55 minute ride and we arrived 10 minutes AFTER opening. Even with this I still gave him 4 stars. It’s tough to make a living right now...

We didn’t stop at our hotel prior to the park so Jet and I took some photos while Hubs found lockers.


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Our bags locked up we were off to Toy Storyland! Handsome has been dying to ride Slinky Dog Dash. He talks about it weekly. We felt a little guilty as we walked there first.
When we arrived they were still testing and recommended that we come back. Off to Midway Mania we went.
I rode by myself. I had to take the blue cannon. When Handsome rides with me he always wants the red one. I sent him a picture for proof. Can you tell I already have major mom guilt for leaving the others at home?
I of course did terrible. Hubs had best in car.


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We hopped in line for SDD. The line was moving quick and then we came to a dead stop. We were at the point where the fastpass (RIP😭) and standard line split.

We stood there for about 5 minutes and chatted up the castmember. He was so sweet I wish I remembered his name. He was fawning all over our “Toy’s 10th birthday”. In the meantime they were still testing SDD. This poor castmember was getting attacked by park goers left and right about why isn’t this ride open it’s after 11. Honestly I felt terrible for him people are so rude.

The line started to move again and he said “You three can go right, happy birthday.” He sent us through the fastpass line and we were the first riders of the day. It was such sweet pixie dust!


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We love this little roller coaster! It was our first time riding and the section with the series of up and down little hills had us giggling. We thanked the kind castmember on our way out.

I missed Jets popsicles walk pick earlier


We were so lucky that the castmember let us jump the line because we were late for our 11:15 reservation at Brown Derby. This was another first for us. I checked in with the hostess and we were immediately taken to our table.

Jet ordered a Shirley temple and was excited to get a glow cube to take home to her brother.
It was so nice to get a mask break! Hubs and I ordered the Cobb Salad.
It was good but I wished I had subbed out the dressing for something else. Jet got the kids filet, and adored her mashed potatoes.
Those aren’t jazz hands😜. We visited the ladies room and Jet said “ Mama take a picture of these old timey phones!” I died laughing.

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